7 Ingenious and Unusual Ways to Use Your Food Dehydrator

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Every kitchen enthusiast should have a good food dehydrator. Most of its users think that its main work is to create crunchy apple chips. But the truth is that it can be used for different purposes. That is why it is considered by many as a flexible device that is handy in various situations. You can read our review of the best food dehydrator of this year – (the top 6 picks).

You are probably here because you already have a food dehydrator in your kitchen and looking for the different ways you can put it to use. Or you are planning to purchase one. This article will teach you the different unusual ways to use your food dehydrator that can change your life. Without any further ado, lets us start.

1 . Making Food Treats for your Dogs (e.g., sweet potato-based dog treats)

dehydrated dog treats
Images by Duncan Creamer and planningqueen

Most households around the world have at least one pet, either cat or dog. Since dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, we are treating them as humans. When they feel unusual about their health, we tend to take them to the nearest veterinary clinic in our area.

YouTube video

Most of the time, veterinarians recommend you change your pup’s diet. As dog owners, we want to give them only the best and prefer purchasing costly dog foods. In this case, you are helping your pup to recover from their allergies while making a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you may try creating sweet-potato-based dog treats with the use of an electric food dehydrator.

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2. DIY Potpourri

Dehydrated potpourri by Miguel Á. Padriñán

If you don’t know what potpourri is, it has been used for the past decades to get rid of any bad smell in your area. This means that it works as an air freshener—those who produced potpourri before know that it has a varied price range depending on different factors. If you are dreaming to have a potpourri without spending a lot, your food dehydrator will help you. First, gather dry flowers, spices, and herbs before you use the power of blending.

dehydrated rose petals potpourri
Image by Maya A. P f

Consider blending the fragrant flowers, such as rose petals, with some cinnamon and spices. The combination of these things does produce not only good fragrance but also aesthetic visuals. After you have dehydrated all the spices and petals, you can add two to three drops of your favorite essential oil to boost its fragrance.

3. Orange-Scented Firestarter

YouTube video

Making the fire starters

YouTube video

I think everybody knows this trick – putting some slices of oranges into a food dehydrator. But did you know that you can also dry out some orange peels into it? The said kitchenware can make these orange peels into a good Firestarter. This is a good trick, especially for those who love the smell of orange. Orange peel is an excellent material to be used in producing Firestarter. When its oil starts to concentrate and condense, it will release a relaxing scent. You can also check out these recipe for sliced oranges in a food dehydrator.

4.  Carved Apples

S curved apple
Image by wayneandwax

Individuals who live in a house that features country décor have seen how apple carving works. Artists are known to produce art you can’t imagine useful in the field of art. They can use apple to create faces and shapes. When they carved their preferred shape onto the apple, they will start to fry them. Drying the apple produces evaporation, which leads to a weathered and textured apple appearance. This is one of the easy-to-create crafts. All you need to do is carve your desired design on the apple and place it into your food dehydrator. If you have kids in the house, you may encourage them to start apple carving to improve their creativity skills.

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5. Drying of Gloves and Hats for Winter

winter gloves
Image by pasja1000

One of the best activities you can do during the winter season is to play in the snow with your loved ones. But after this enjoyable moment and everyone gets inside, you can see a pile of wet gloves and hats near the door.

We know that these winter-based pieces of clothing are hard and takes some hours to dry. If this is your problem during the cold months, we have a solution! Your food dehydrator can help you to dry out your wet winter gloves and hats in no time.

How to do so? Place your wet and iced gloves and hats into the dehydrator tray. After that, the device will take care of all the processes from wicking out the moisture to drying out these things. Using your food dehydrator is a much inexpensive alternative to using your dryer for drying your winter artifacts. Your food dehydrator can only hold small pieces of winter garments. This means that it can only hold your winter gloves and hats.

6. Preserve Herbs and Flowers

Dried flowers and herbs
Image by Monfocus

You can use dried herbs and flowers for school projects, such as scrapbooks and journals. We all know that drying flowers and herbs is quite hard, especially if you don’t have the equipment. Well, not this time if you have a food dehydrator.

Flowers are a good decoration at a party, special dance, and wedding. You can ask the organizer to get some of these flowers after the occasion. Place all the flowers you get into your Nesco food dehydrator and wait for some minutes until it gets dried completely. You can then create your own design of frame or scrapbook page.

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7. Humidifier

The number one enemy of most people is dry air. This is because dry air causes unpleasant things, such as nagging cough and dry skin. In this case, most households prefer purchasing a brand-new humidifier. But if you don’t have the budget to buy one, you can use your food dehydrator as your budget-friendly alternative.

Your food dehydrator is a good device to suck out all the moisture from your purchased foods. How to do so? Plugin your dehydrator, then pour half amount of water. Allow it to do its work as your DIY humidifier. After all, all the sucked moisture will be turned into indoor air.


A food dehydrator though customarily used for drying and preserving foods and making snack treats, there are several ingenious ways you can use it. This appliance is magical, you can get it in different types and hopefully, from the illustrations above, you can get some inspirations for your next task using the device. There are lots of uses of a food dehydrator as long as you have some tips and tricks for dehydrating your foods. Try each one of them and be amazed!


7 Ingenious and Unusual Ways to Use Your Food Dehydrator
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7 Ingenious and Unusual Ways to Use Your Food Dehydrator
Learn these 7 Ingenious and Unusual Ways to Use Your Food Dehydrator. From making delicious dog treats, Firestarter to potpourri, and drying winter gloves.
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