Best Portable Induction Cooktop [AND THE RUNNERS UP] of 2021

best portable induction cooktopsSince you are here, I bet you are ready to make the switch from open flame cooking on your stove and experience the awesomeness of a more modern, improved, safer, efficient, and energy-saving induction cooking method. On this page, we share the best portable induction cooktop.  The one (s) which is the reliable and best choice for small and busy kitchens, tiny apartments, travellers, campers, and students in hostels. They are the best alternative to conventional gas stoves or electric burners.

This is because induction cooktops tend to cook much faster and instantly respond to temperature dial back. No other cooking technology is currently quicker than induction cooking elements. If you are in a hurry, after our rigorous research and testing, we can confidently recommend the Duxtop 9600LS  is the best portable induction cooktop. It is budget-friendly, delivers a quick cooktop heat, superb simmering, and a faster response to changes in temperature settings than the competition. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to choose between a power mode for general cooking and a temperature mode for specific tasks such as frying.


We’ve compiled and reviewed the best portable induction cooktops. Our rankings are as a result of product research that took into account personal experiences, reading consumer reports, and reviews from product users. On this list, you discover options from several brands like Duxtop, Rosewill, Gourmia, NutriChef, iSiLER, and more countertop induction burner brands. Whichever brand you chose, we promise you will find something to deliver that fast cooktop heat, superb simmering, and a quicker response to changes in temperature settings, among other great benefits of owning a countertop induction burner.

Our editors independently selected all the cooktops featured on this list. However, we may earn an affiliate commission when you buy something through our direct links.

Once again, if you are in a hurry, here is the table with the best portable induction cooktop and the runners Up of 2020. Click the link to check it out on Amazon, or you can continue reading to see what we liked and don’t like about each burner and what we considered when choosing the best.


Best Induction cooktop and RunnersUp-2021

If you are sticking around, now lets first go through everything you need to know about portable induction stovetops.induction cooktop with code

#1: Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop

If you can imagine it, you can cook it on Duxtop 9600LS induction burner, which is MADE in North America by SECURA, a leading small appliance manufacturer. Equipping you with the ability to cook a variety of foods evenly without the fear that it will burn or not cook well is what makes Duxtop 9600 LS the best portable induction cooktop of all the burners we reviewed. This is because Duxtop 9600LS induction burner heats evenly and is equipped with safety features to prevent overheating.

With this multifunctional induction cooktop, you will be able to perform many cooking operations, such as warming; Pasteurizing; Simmering (stocks, fondue, melting cheese, sauces), do waterless of jellies, vegetables, and jams; Roasting and steam boiling; Sauté / stir fry vegetables, seafood, beef, and pork; Deep fry in oil; make pasta and popcorn; Pan broil chops, chicken as well as steals; Quick searing and browning of meats before roasting. Plus, you do not have to guess about your cookware compatibility, because this burner also comes with pan detection technology, which displays an “E0” and alerts you with a beep if you mistakenly place cookware, which is not suitable for induction cooking. The unit will automatically shut after 60 seconds if no cookware or the incorrect cookware is detected.

Likewise, if you are cooking food where you require to occasionally lift off the pan (eg toss vegetables), the same pan detection sensor will detect that the container has been removed, but the cooktop will not shutoff for close to a minute, so you can toss your food and continue the cooking without having to restart the burner.

We are of the view that almost anyone can easily use this burner. It has a straight forward, broad yet straightforward and “easy-to-access” intuitive control panel featuring a LED-lit display screen with “easy-to-read” sensor touch buttons. You can choose the “boil” setting, which sets the timer to 10 minutes and puts the power to its highest capacity. This is useful if you only want to quickly bring water or any liquid to boil. There is also a “keep warm” setting. Choosing this will set the timer for 30 minutes and the temperature at 140 0F. Otherwise, you only have to press the “menu” button and choose between the power mode or temperature mode and then adjust the power level or set specific temperature as needed using the idiot-proof “+” and “-” buttons on the panel.

Moreover, the control panel is slightly sloped downward and distinct from the cooktop, hence you won’t risk heating and damaging the controls when cooking in a large pan. Choose to use power mode in a situation where the temperature is not necessary, for example when you want to quickly bring a liquid to a boil or to quickly bring water to a boil or quickly fry vegetables (sauté). You can choose from 20 preset power levels, ranging from 100 watts to 1800 watts. Fo the timer, you can set for up to 10 hours.

The temperature mode also has 20 preset temperatures to choose from. These range from 100 °F to 460 °F. For both the temperature and power mode, you can set the timer on Duxtop 1900MC for up to 10 hours, and it will hold it steady and only automatically shut off when the timer is up. Otherwise, the unit automatically shuts off after two hours of continuous usage if you did not set the time. There is also a child safety lock button, which is useful if there are kids nearby as well as avoiding accidental changes in your cooking and timer settings once they have been set.

Features of Duxtop portable induction cooktopTo further simplify your life, Duxtop 9600LS comes well written and easy to understand, helpful user manual with an error-code chart you can refer to in case of any warning sounds and displays as well as identify any problems which could arise during usage, including overheating or an improper power/voltage supply.

Cleaning of the Duxtop 9600LS induction burner is so easy because it has an over-sized flat glass cooktop with no open flame or heating element. This means that you can place either a small pan or even a large skillet with the assurance that the food will cook evenly without burning and that you can easily clean it. You only need to wipe a damp towel over the glass top and around the perimeter.

The burner is lightweight and portable for smooth movement and storage. It is also stable when placed on the countertop (thanks to the four 4 feet at the base) and will not slide when you are cooking on it. 

In regards to price, Duxtop 9600LS may be priced differently from the earlier Duxtop models. Still, you will find that it is well priced compared to other expensive models, yet it delivers exceptional results.

Overall, we are confident to chose it as best and to recommend that you buy the Duxtop 9600LS portable induction burner. It is well worth it.  

Click Here To Buy Duxtop 9600LS on Amazon

#2: Rosewill RHAI-16001 (With a FREE pot)


The things you will cook on the Rosewill RHAI-16001 are unlimited. We indeed had to choose the best, and we decided on Duxtop 9600LS. Still, Rosewill Portable Induction Cooktop could as well take the spot because it also cooked evenly, heated up quickly and has a more straightforward interface than the Duxtop 9600LS. The control panel is easy to access (just facing you) and with large enough LED display and visible touch buttons to adjust power, temperature and time as well as lock the appliance when not in use (a helpful future for child safety which was lacking in the Duxtop 9600LS). Plus Rosewill portable induction burner has a fancier plate top design, with a polished A-grade Crystal plate Surface, which almost has no crevices at the perimeter, thus making it easier to clean.

Unlike the Duxtop 9600LS which has 20 power levels and 20 temperature setting, Rosewill countertop induction burner only has eight different power and temperature settings (ranging from 300 to 1800 watts, and 150° F to 450° F). Despite these fewer settings, you are still guaranteed enough power and heat control options for cooking a variety of dishes. You can braise, deep fry, stir fry, roast, fry, and even boil water using this induction burner. You only have to choose between the power mode or temperature mode, adjust accordingly using the “+” or “-” and then set the timer.

The timer, you can set for up to 170 minutes. Temperature mode has 15 preset temperatures you can choose from. These range from 140 F to 460 F. For both the temperature and power mode, you can set the timer on Rosewill RHAI-16001  countertop induction burner for up to 180 minutes, which is enough to cook almost anything. Once the timer is set, the cooktop will effectively regulate the temperature and hold it steady for the set time, only automatically shutting off when the time is up.

Rosewill portable induction burner safety features

Thanks to the several safety features incorporated on the Rosewill RHAI-16001 portable induction cooktop, it does an excellent job of regulating its temperature effectively to avoid overheating, as well as cookware suitability detection and a child safety lock – helpful for keeping naughty kids safe.


It also comes with a well written, easy to understand practical user manual you can refer to in case of any problem you need to troubleshoot.



 In conclusion, thanks to a simple control panel interface, a wide range of temperature and power settings, excellent heat control, steady temperature regulation and safety features, we are confident to recommend Rosewill RHAI-16001 portable induction cooktop as a best runner-up and great appliance for any busy kitchen. 

Click Here To Check Its Price on Amazon

#3: Gourmia GHP9530 portable countertop induction burner


The Gourmia GHP9530 countertop induction burner is designed to do what it does best, and that is to distribute heat across food and ingredients evenly. It also introduces you to the awesomeness of induction cooking technology at a budget-friendly price. Of all the induction cookers we reviewed, this was the most cost-effective. Check availability and current price on Amazon.

One thing that we loved most about this burner is that it works with any pot/pan, so you do not have to toss out your old cookware. Unlike Duxtop 9600LS and Rosewill RHA1-16001 which require induction suitable cookware to work, With Gourmia GHP9530, you won’t have to buy induction specific cookware. This is because the cooktop comes with an induction heat diffuser plate which turns any pot or pan in your kitchen into a sweet induction pan. This means you do not have to buy special induction compatible pans. Therefore you can use Gourmia induction cooktop for cooking even in your aluminium or copper pans.

Other pros of Gourmia GHP9530 portable countertop induction burner include:

  • It is super lightweight, portable, so you can cook from anywhere and store it anywhere.
  • You can cook in a variety of pan sizes, both small and medium-large pans because the unit measures 11 inches wide.
  • Wide range of temperature presets to chose from so that you can cook any dish you want. The burner has 8 preset temperatures ranging from 140 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 8 preset power levels are ranging from 200 watts up to 1400 watts.
  • It is super easy to clean because the cooktop surface is stainless, non-sticky, flat and cools quickly.


  • You will not encounter any smells or harmful airborne material while you cook. This is because the burner cooktops are crafted to the highest degree without add-ons or coatings – just stainless steel and Aluminum.
  • No overheating while you cook because this countertop induction burner has an overheat sensor that causes it to automatically shut down in the event that it becomes too hot.
  • Cook more with less energy and thus shave a few dollars from your utility bill. This because the Gourmia GHP9530 portable countertop hotplate uses 90% less energy than the traditional stovetop.
  • Protects your cookware: The included heat diffuser provides more years of additional life to your cookware so that you do not have pan after pan due to overexposure to flames.



There are not many things to dislike about this portable induction burner. However, one of the customers complained that the heat diffuser plate could not work well under high heat (e.g. when making popcorn) and that it could damage the induction cooktop (range) when used with high heat. This means that if you intend to cook at high temperatures, you should consider buying cookware that is induction compatible so that you can cook directly on the burner’s cooktop without having to rely on/use the diffuser plate. Hence it should not be a deal-breaker if you are not someone who cooks at very high temperatures or who can afford to buy cookware suitable for induction cooking.

VERDICT on Gourmia GHP9530 portable countertop induction burner

Despite the small complaints made on about the diffuser plate, It is not a deal-breaker we believe that Gourmia GHP9530 is still one of the best portable induction cooktops you can buy at a pocket-friendly price, especially if you want to try out the induction technology.

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The competition

iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Portable.

Nine reasons to love iSiLER countertop induction burner

  1. Very easy to use and clean. This is because of its well placed, front-facing control panel with minimal sensor touch buttons that are visible and well labelled and a digital LED display screen. Also comes with an easy to understand yet detail user manual to help you in case you encounter any problem during the usage.
  2. The induction cooktop can handle anything thrown at it. It Will cater to your various cooking needs thanks to the 9 power levels (ranging from 100W to 1800 watts in increments of 200watts), and 9 preset temperature levels you can adjust (ranging from 140°F (60°C) to 460°F (238°C)) in increments of 40°F so that you can quickly boil or simmer, slow cook, deep fry,sauté, sear, steam, and grill.
  3. It is equipped with fast heat dissipation mechanism to ensure a longer life span.
  4. This countertop induction burner is also equipped with essential safety features, which include overheating protection and child lock for the safety of your little ones.
  5. Portable (compact and lightweight for secure storage and movement), yet with large enough cooktop surface (17cm) to fit a wide variety of pan sizes from 10-22cm.
  6. Fancy design with rounded edges. You will find this design suitable for small kitchens and areas with limited space use.
  7. Even for that food which needs long cooking times, you can set the timer for up to 3 hours in increments of 1 minute by pressing “+” or “-” or in increments of 10 minutes by long-pressing the same “+” or “-” sensor touch buttons.
  8. It is wear-resistant and effortless to clean after use because of the premium glass cooktop surface.
  9. Their customer support is world-class. While combing through the negative reviews about this product on amazon, we noticed that for most, the company easily refunded or sent them a new unit without any fuss. They commended the company’s customer support. So, we think you can buy this one with peace of mind.

What You may find annoying about iSiLER countertop induction burner

1-  You could experience some noise while cooking, which is quite common to most induction cooktops because of the fan that is working to dissipate the heat.

2- You need to buy induction compatible cookware.


If you’re replacing or buying your first countertop induction burner, iSiLER will no doubt be one of the best options to consider. 

Click Here to Buy it on Amazon.


Best Double Portable induction cooktop (with two cooktops)


#1: NutriChef PKSTIND48 Portable Double induction cooktop – Heavy duty to cook all your Favourite foods

The three burners reviewed above are single induction cooktops. They are equipped with only one heating zone at the cooktop, meaning that you can only place one pan at a time. However, there are instances you may want to cook more than one dish at a time, but you don’t want to splash money on the bigger models. A double portable induction cooktop could be the answer because it has two heating zones on the countertop, so you can simultaneously cook two dishes. In our research, we found the NutriChef PKSTIND48 to be the best portable double induction cooktop.  Nutrichef PKSTIND48 dual induction burner is well made, sleek and great looking design and is stable when set on the counter.

Its beautiful looking ceramic tempered glass induction cooktop surface is equipped with 2 circular top panel heating zones with high-powered induction heating elements. Each heating zone has an independent front panel touch button controls for temperature setting & and a digital LCD Screen. In both heating zones, the high-powered heating elements could quickly heat up for instant food preparation and could hold the temperatures steady for any set time. The cooktops efficiently respond to temperature control, and you can use both burners simultaneously (each at maximum wattage) without tripping a circuit breaker. The cooktop will only draw 1800 watts (15 amps) total. This means you can either cook on one burner at 1800 watts or cook on both (two0 burners at 900 watts each. 

This countertop induction burner has 8 temperature levels in total, ranging from 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, with the NutriChef PKSTIND48 countertop induction burner, cooking is much more comfortable. With just one press, you can switch from one cooking mode to another because of the clearly labelled and visible manual cooking function to chose from fry, steam, or water mode. And if you want to keep the food warm for later serving, Nutrichef PKSTIND48 portable double induction cooktop has an automatic warm function for that.

The unit has a clear and concise 5-page user manual with helpful instructions on how to use the machine and troubleshoot any problems which may occur during use. This includes all the error codes the induction burner could display and how to correct the error.Nutrichef induction burner user manual


Other pros of NutriChef PKSTIND48 dual portable induction cooktop

1- The unit is heavy-duty, meaning that it can cook all types of dishes such as beans, rice, etc.

2- You can set the time for up to 4 hours – enough to have most foods done.

3- Has a built-in turbofan for quicker system cool down and to prevent overheating.

4- Burner has a lock function, which is helpful for kids’ safety or accidental changes in temperature settings while cooking.

5- The burner has a Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean – Compact & Space-Saving design safe to table of countertop placement. It is also lightweight, so you can quickly move it from one countertop to another.

6- A more extended power code measuring 4.6 ft also facilitates its portability, meaning you can plug it in any electric power source distantly placed.

7- You can use all induction compatible flat bottomed pans/pots (cookware). Pan materials you can use on this cooktop include steel, cast iron, enamelled iron, and stainless steel with diameter from 12 to 26 cm.


  • Though you can cook simultaneously on each burner, the whole unit can only draw 1800 watts. It will not allow you to exceed that. This is a safety precaution to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. So, either you cook on one burner at 1800 watts or on both burners, each at 900 watts or a combination that does not exceed 1800 watts total.
  • You need to have/buy induction compatible pans/pots.
  • Heavy cast iron pots or frying pans will get too hot for the cooktop to operate normally. This may trip protection switch, and you will get an error code like E5, meaning it is too hot.
  • The fan could be a little bit noisy when you have just turned on the unit. However, this reduces with time.


The Nutrichef PKSTIND48 Double Induction Cooktop is a good burner for basic cooking as well as heavy-duty controlled cooking, and we recommend it highly.

Click here to buy NutriChef on Amazon


At the end of the day, You will encounter different models and brands that could very well be the best portable induction cooktops. Of course, one countertop induction burner might be the best for one consumer, but it might not be the best for you! Therefore, it is vital first to know your needs and requirements. This will make it much easier for you to choose the very best portable induction cooktop for your individualized preferences!


How do induction cooktops work? Vs. Gas stovetops or electric heaters

Induction cooktops are praised over the conventional gas or electric/radiant stovetops because the induction burners heat up extraordinarily fast and give a superior cooking performance compared to their counterparts. The fast heat-up is due to the technology of electromagnetic induction (used in induction burners) vs. that of thermal induction used in gas and electric burners. Induction hotplates have a magnetic wire coil below the surface of their glass-ceramic/ceran top, through which electricity runs and creates a magnetic field.

The magnetic field produced in the loop causes electrons in an iron or magnetic stainless steel pot placed on the induction cooktop surface to generate heat. This results in the heating of the metal (the cookware itself) and the food inside.  The heat generated in the cookware pan is controlled by the magnetic field (through settings on the digital control panels. This has built-in timers and adjustable power levels or the option to set a specific temperature). This means that, unlike in thermal induction cooking (as used by gas or electric stovetops), electromagnetic induction cooking (used by induction cooktops) creates heat directly in the cookware pan instead of on the cooktop surface as is the case in gas or electric burners.

The temperature inside the pot on the induction cooktop surface can be set even in terms of a single degree Celsius. Therefore, induction cookers have faster cooking, more control over the heat, and lose less energy in the surrounding air, which helps to keep your kitchen cooler. The main advantage of induction cooking is that the cooking process can be precisely controlled in such a way that the temperature of the pot can be set even in terms of a single degree Celsius. Moreover, the cookware heats instantly. Sounds like the stuff of sci-fi – doesn’t it?


Benefits (pros) and cons of induction cooktops


Precise temperature control.

The main advantage of induction cooking is that it allows for precise control over the cooking process to achieve a healthier and better way of cooking. You can precisely adjust the cooking temperature inside the cookware even in terms of a single degree Celsius. Isn’t that awesome?



Induction cooktops respond almost instantly to temperature adjustments, heating up extraordinarily fast. When you change the temperature, this change is reflected immediately (like with gas), not gradually (as is the case with traditional electric or radiant hotplates). Indeed, according to tests by independent sources, no other cooking method cooked faster than the induction cooking method – Induction cooktops brought water to a boil in almost half the time of conventional gas or electric burners.


Safe, efficient, and eco-friendly.

This is related to 2 above. In induction cooking, heat is generated inside the cookware and not the cooktop surface. Therefore, heat is generated only when a pot is placed on the cooktop surface. If you turn on an induction burner with no pan on it by mistake, the heating element, and thus the stove surface, will not get hot. Therefore, it is safe to touch the surface of the cooktop while cooking without getting burnt, unless the hot pan has been on for a very long time. These cookers also have automatic switches, which will detect when the container is removed. So they instantly cool down, saving energy, keeping electrical costs at a minimum, and avoiding accidental burns. Hence, we could say they are eco-friendly. However, for some models, such as Duxtop 9600LS , it is still possible for the surface to remain hot after use.



The design of induction cooktops is characterized by a smooth flat surface made of ceramic glass. This makes cleaning of induction cooktops a breeze. Besides, because the cooktop surface is entirely smooth and will always remain cold, any spillages (talk of slimy pasta water spills, boiled milk, etc.) onto the surface are less likely to burn onto the surface, and it will always be much easier to clean with a simple flick of a kitchen wipe.


Beautiful, versatile, ergonomic and practical

Induction burners come in several functional, ergonomic, versatile, and beautiful designs, which will make you forget about the big and solid traditional gas stove that occupies a lot of valuable space in your kitchen. You can opt for a portable induction cooktop, which can easily be moved and stored. For a family-friendly and modern kitchen look, you can opt for the beautiful looking and wider versions such as the drop-in or built-in induction cooktops, which can be incorporated in the kitchen counters.


The Drawbacks / Cons of induction cooktops

Cooking on induction cooktops requires cookware for induction (induction compatible cookware). This is cookware that contains iron, cast iron, and magnetic stainless steel. Therefore, you may need to make sure your cookware is suitable for induction cooking. Materials not suitable for induction cooking are Copper, Aluminum, ceramics, pyrex, glass, and non-magnetic stainless steel (including 18/10 and 18/8). These will not work on an induction burner because they do not create the necessary magnetic field. If you are unsure, first test your cookware with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the pan, then the pot is suitable to be used in the induction burner.


You may also experience some buzzing or humming sound at high-temperature settings or clicking of element electronics at lower settings. These sounds could be an indication that your pan is not working well with the cooktop. You could reduce this by using a heavy flat-bottomed pot. It is also common to hear a whirring sound, which could be the fan working to disperse the heat.


It is possible to experience some interferences when cooking with an induction cooktop because of the electromagnetic field /waves generated. Common interferences include (i) Interference with a digital instant-read thermometer. Thus so you may need an analogue thermometer (ii) interference from home appliances that use radio waves—such as radios, televisions, and cell phones. This interference can cause induction burners not to work well. Therefore, it is safer that you operate an induction burner away from these appliances. Also, interference with a pacemaker may occur. Thus, you may need to consult your doctor before using an induction cooker.

What type of Pots and Pans Can you Use on an Induction Cooktop?

Induction suitable cookwareOn the “how it works” section above, we have seen that induction burners work by generating a magnetic field that, in turn, creates heat within the pan/pot. Therefore, this means that the pan/pot must have magnetic properties. Cookware with magnetic properties includes pots/pans that contain iron, cast iron, and magnetic stainless steel.

Therefore, you may need to make sure your cookware is suitable for induction cooking. Materials not suitable for induction cooking are Copper, Aluminum, ceramics, Pyrex, glass, and non-magnetic stainless steel (including 18/10 and 18/8). These will not work on an induction burner because they do not create the necessary magnetic field. If you are unsure, first test your cookware with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the pan, then the pot is suitable to be used in the induction burner.



Induction burner buying guide

How to choose the right portable induction cooktop?

Now you must be convinced about the awesomeness of induction cooking, and you are ready to make the switch. But you are now confronted with the question of how to choose the right portable induction cooktop for yourself. To help you out, here are three considerations you should consider to select a portable induction cooktop that will meet not only your cooking needs but also your space requirements and convenience.


1. Size and space available.

Well, before you start thinking about anything else, you have first to consider the size of the cooktop you need. This review is about the portable induction cooktops, the ones which you can easily move around, place on any countertop in the kitchen and easily store in cabinets if you want. These are ideal for small families and small kitchens, small room apartments like for student hostels, etc.

However, even among the portable ones, we have two versions; the single portable induction cooktop, and the double portable induction cooktop. A single portable induction cooktop has one heating zone (hotplate) at the cooktop, meaning you can only place one pan at a time. A Double portable induction cooktop is equipped with two heating zones (plates) at the cooktop and can fit two pots or containers at a time. Obviously, a double PIC is bound to be more prominent in size compared to a single PIC. Besides the affordable portable induction cooktops, there are also the bigger luxe versions that have hotplates on the cooktop and come in different sizes and require bigger kitchen spaces.


2. Features of the portable induction cooktop.

One of the reasons these appliances have become commonplace is because of their sci-fi-like features. Hence, it is easy to get lost amid all marketing hype. However, we believe that these features listed below are essential for an induction cooker; these you must consider them when choosing one. It does not need to have all of them, but it is good if it ticks with most.


(i) Heating and power options.

The induction burner should have a range of heat setting options to chose. It must be able to maintain very low heat settings if required for simmering your food, but must also be able to be hot if needed to quickly heat up the pan’s contents. The burner should have the option to switch between power levels and specific temperatures without burning the pan.

(ii) Helpful Safety features.

It is not only about heating food, but also the experience the burner offers to the home chef. The induction burner should have some helpful safety features to ensure a safe kitchen experience. In our research the essential safety feature we identified were;

(a) Pan detection, temperature (safety) sensor, and protection against overflows.

 These are crucial safety features of an induction burner. A safety sensor monitors the temperature of the bottom of the pan. This is useful in instances where you may accidentally leave empty cookware on the cooktop that is on. The sensor will detect this and help to avoid damage to the pot by automatically adjusting the power output. While the pan detection feature will detect and alert you when the cookware you have placed on the burner is not suitable for induction cooking, for example, Aluminum, copper, pyrex, and ceramics materials.

This feature also ensures that the heater will not work if there is no pan on the burner. Models with a pan detection feature which allow you to briefly lift the pan while cooking without the burner shutting off after a few seconds are preferred. In this case, the operation is just briefly stopped, and a symbol is displayed, which disappears when the pan is put back to the cooktop, and cooking continues at the preset temperature. We also preferred burners, which had some kind of protection against overflows, whereby the cooktop may shut down, and a beep may sound in the event of a spill overflow onto the controls.


(b) “Auto Heat-up/booster” and “auto switch-off” safety feature.

Auto heat-up is handy when cooking foods that you may require to bring to the boil initially and then simmer (example of rice). This feature allows you to pre-select a low temperature for simmering and preset higher temperatures for boiling. The feature will then allow the cooktop to heat to a higher setting, cook the food or liquid quickly, and then automatically turn down to the low-temperature setting after a certain amount of time. The “auto switch-off” feature automatically turns off the heating element when a pan is removed or in the event of overheating.


(c) Child safety lock.

Even though the induction cooktop does not pose the same dangers to the kids as the gas or radiant cooktops, it is vital to get a burner that has lock buttons to keep a child from turning the heater on. This feature can also come in handy for adults because it could prevent you from accidentally changing the burner temperature.


3) Stable and Easy to clean.

Generally, most portable induction cooktops cleaning an induction cooktophave a smooth flat design with fewer dirt traps and touch-sensitive controls. This makes portable countertop induction burners by default, easy to clean. However, this may not be the same for all models. Therefore, it would be good to buy an induction cooktop with minimal grooves and crevices. In terms of stability, the countertop induction burner should be stable on the countertop for safe cooking. The unit should at least have some rubber feet, a substantial weight, or both, to prevent it from sliding off.




Reference Sources:
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The best portable induction cooktop [and Runners up] of 2020- with free shipping
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