Stand Mixers Vs Hand Mixers – Which one To Buy?

Hand mixers verses stand mixers

If you are a fan of baking or cooking, you may come across many recipes that require mixing, whisking or blending. Then it is a must to decide on having a mixer. Are you consciously debating about whether to acquire a stand mixer or hand mixer? We note that both of these mixers can be used to carry out the same duties, but due to the noticeable differences in the working of these two appliances, you may find that one is better than the other. Both, a stand mixer and a hand mixer come with similar attachments such as whisks, dough hooks beaters. But these attachments could be of different thickness. By the time you finish reading this article, it is my hope that you will be able to easily make a decision on whether you opt for a stand or a handheld mixe,r or both.


A hand mixer is for those who rarely do their baking or whisking, and lack enough space to store your mixer when not in use. They are also cheaper compared to stand mixers, hence, if your budget is a little bit low, this is an option to consider. For light duties such as whisking your eggs, the hand mixer will speedily do for you a great job. Most hand mixers are handheld, though there are those which come with stands, meaning that no need for you to strain your hands holding the mixer for long.


This mixer is for those who carry out more difficult mixing tasks, for example, kneading dough, for your cakes or doughnuts and doing thicker mixes. A stand mixer is multitasking, as some have attachment points where you can attach your blender, meat grinder, a pastry maker and many other attachments.

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Occasional bakers, whisking your egg whites, whipping light creams and mixing light batters, a hand mixer is your best option.

Small families usually have small kitchens, meaning you have less space to keep your mixer. Hand mixers are small in size and light in weight, so they don’t require that too much space.

In case you like doing your work faster, a hand mixer is superfast in whipping those small creams, and since you control the position of the mixer, you are free to move it throughout every point of the bowl hence mixing all the ingredients leaving none mixed.

Hand mixers are available at affordable costs; having a small budget shouldn’t limit you from having a mixer. In terms of operation, the hand mixer has a range of speeds, and these vary with the model you choose to buy.

A standard hand mixer comes with beaters, but some advanced models can comprise of dough hooks, whisks, which can be attached and detached to the mixer whenever needed, e.g for cleaning.

Given that useful features above, hand mixers can be more labour intensive, as they require you to hold them throughout the kneading process, not like the stand mixer where you just put your ingredients, start the machine and go to do your other stuff, then come back when everything is ready.

With a smaller motor incorporated within the hand mixer, this makes them less powerful, hence limiting you from performing the hard tasks, such as kneading the thicker dough.

 Pros of a handheld mixer

  • affordable
  • light in weight
  • It requires less space for use.
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Cons of handheld mixers

  • Not sturdy for thicker dough
  • Need to hold the mixer throughout.


A stand mixer has got two designs, a bowl lift or a lift head, both fixed in one position, no need to hold the mixer while in operation, comprises of a lever-operated arm where various attachments can be placed such as beaters, whisks, and the dough hooks.

Someone who frequently bakes whisks thicker creams, more so in large quantities, you will need to have a stand mixer in your kitchen and more so. Making layered cakes, buttercream or knead bread dough, of course, the stand mixer will be the most excellent choice for you as within minutes, and you will be done with this.

Stand mixers operate in a planetary motion, which means that the beaters whip not only the centre of the bowl but also the other ends of the mixers bowl hence bringing out good finishes in your mixes.

More argument for stand mixers

Usually, stand mixers cost a bit higher than the hand mixers. However, this extra cost could be worth it due to the work they do. On top of that, a stand mixer can come with extra attachments such as balloon whisk, beaters, dough hooks, so, you may not have to incur extra costs on these attachments.

Stand mixers are bigger than a hand mixer. They occupy a bigger space in your kitchen compared to handheld mixers. Therefore, plan on having enough space in your kitchen before buying one.

With the stand mixer, you will become a multi-tasker as you don’t need to hold the mixer. You just have the ingredients in the mixing bowl, start the equipment and continue with your other tasks such as cleaning the kitchen or anything else you would love to do.

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With the newer models of stand mixers, such as Kitchen aid stand mixer, it is even possible to your stand mixer into a blender, meat grinder, and so many other attachments, hence making your stand mixer multifunctional.

With the stand mixers, powerful motors of about 250-1000 watts can be put into the stand mixers, which turns them out to be powerful hence able to tackle even the thickest and toughest duties in your chicken.

Pros of a stand mixer

  • No need to hold the mixer
  • Comes with the mixer bowl plus other unusual attachments

Cons of a stand mixer

Not that all the stand mixers are better than the hand mixers. This will depend on the models you opt for.



Nevertheless, when you upgrade to a stand mixer, it is possible to find out that the hand mixer can still do other jobs better than a stand mixer. This may make both the appliances to be of great importance in your kitchen. Secondly, setting up a stand mixer may require some time, which means that when you are in a rush, you end up going with the hand mixer.  Therefore, having both mixers will be of great use.

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