NESCO FD-75A Food dehydrator Review- Why We Rave About it!

If you are looking for a reliable food dehydrator that offers remarkable performance without breaking your wallet, look no further than Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A. FD-75A is an extremely compact stacking food dehydrator with lots of good reviews concerning its unique features and performance. Also, featured in our review of best dehydrators.

NESCO FD-75A food dehydrator

Easy and straightforward to use, state of the art Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A will dry herbs, veggies, berries, nuts, and fruits with ease. You are also able to make your skim milk or jerky. What once took many days to achieve can now be obtained in just a few hours, ideal for enjoying home-preserved goodness. This is a remarkable model, to begin with, if you are new to the world of food driers. Reading about the tips and tricks of food dehydration makes it easier to use this food dehydrator

Let us have a closer look at what we can look forward to in this famous and fantastic Food dehydrator model. 

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Well To Know Features Of NESCO FD-75A Food Dehydrator 

Snackmaster FD-75A food dehydrator is packed with many valuable features, and we break down these features to help you understand more about this amazing product.

A Wide Sort of Things to Do With It

This excellent dehydrator offers many things you can do with it. It does an excellent job of drying fish jerky, fruit, beef, turkey, and many others. It has two kinds of sheets, meshes, and stable, that provides lots of versatilities. The solid sheet is utilized mainly for liquids like shakes, soup, and fruit rollups. On the other hand, a mesh sheet is being used for drying spices, herbs, and so forth. The most incredible thing about it is that you can utilize different sheets all at once during a single drying process to dehydrate diverse foods.


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Amazing Thermostat and Dehydrating System of NESCO FD-75A Food dehydrator 

This dehydrator is equipped with Converge-A-Flow System that works well and efficiently. The air moves down fast along the inner walls while flowing inward through each tray horizontally. What makes this exceptional is the positioning of the fan. It is situated at the top portion of the unit, not on the bottom. Thus, it dehydrates food quickly compared to other units with the fan installed at the casing base. The hot air at the top in the vicinity of the heater is pushed downwards.

The thermostat’s precision enables you to dry sensitive flowers and herbs on a constant temp with minimal fluctuation.

Lots of Power

To have a powerful thermostat, lots of power is needed, and this is not an issue with Nesco Snackmaster FD-75A as it has 600 watts of power. This is enough to provide the best service in terms of dehydrating your food compared with other types of food dehydrators. It does not always draw the full 600 watts, but it diverges the power according to your needs, thanks to the precise and very sensitive thermostats. Aside from providing actual temperatures, this also allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

The Vita-Save Casing

This is another exceptional feature of this dehydrator. The housing is made of special-light resistant material, so the manufacturer assures that the light rays will not be able to go through the casing and affect the food’s integrity. Light can affect the quality of the drying. The Vital Save System secures it is safe to use this product even in a bright room. It does this without compromising the nutrients and quality of your vegetables, herbs, and other contents.

Five Racks

racks Buy This Dehydrator From Amazon

The Nesco dehydrator comes with five trays that are set up on top of each other. If you have more stuff to put inside, you can add extra racks up to 12. The shelves are easy to install. But, the more trays you put, the more power is needed. However, the dehydrator can still handle.

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Contemporary Design

Concerning design, this great dehydrator stands out from the rest. It will surely fit in your kitchen, and it does not take a lot of space. The color is neutral, so worry no more about this unit standing out on your kitchen counter. It will surely go along with your kitchen interior design.

What Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A has to offer for you

Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A offers many benefits, and they include the following.

  • High Capacity: This is a medium-sized dehydrator, but it can expand its capacity. You can add extra racks that make it ideal for more massive amounts of foodstuff. The fact that you can dehydrate different food all at once makes it a remarkable thing to have in your kitchen. 
  • High-Quality Product: The manufacturer is known for its superior and quality production. They make use of high-quality materials. The Vita Save System on the exterior blocks the harmful light, which can take away the nutrients. The plastic materials used, such as the trays, are BPA-free. 
  • Gauges: It has easily accessible keys located on the upper portion of the product. The temp values are marked into the housing and can be chosen with a switch.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: The integrated racks are dishwasher friendly. Maintaining this product is easy, as well. All you need to do is to wash the trays every after use. Keep in mind to plug it before adjusting the racks.



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Some Draw Backs Associated With This Food Dehydrator

Even if Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A is a suitable device, it also comes with some drawbacks such as: 

  • No Power Button: One major issue is that it doesn’t come with an on/off button. So, it would help if you plugged it on and off out of the socket constantly.
  • There is No Timer: It also doesn’t come with a timer. So, occasional checking is essential to avoid overheating. The result of overheated food is the loss of nutrients. 
  • Not Power Effective: Even if the integrated sensitive thermostat does it jobs well, that does not signify, it saves lots of power. If you put more racks, it will consume more power. Also, it is not that same power effective once utilized for short processes. 
  • Circular Shape: The trays are available in a circular shape; thus, it is hard for you to load items compared to rectangular trays. Aside from that, rectangular trays are also easy to clean and wash. 


If you need a high-quality dehydrator, Nesco Snackmaster Food Dehydrator FD-75A is the best choice. It is a high-quality product, cheap and best in class. The dehydrator has lots of benefits that you cannot see other products available on the market today. It is armed with a fantastic feature to dehydrate veggies and herbs faster and easier.

NESCO FD-75A Food dehydrator Review- Why We Rave About it!
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NESCO FD-75A Food dehydrator Review- Why We Rave About it!
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