Dehydrating Food – Types of Food Dehydration and Their Benefits

dehydrating food

Try to imagine having enough food for the approaching months. Surely, you would want to have healthy food. When talking about healthy food, it means having food without additives. Some fruits and vegetables can only be bought during a particular season. Imagine buying these even if it is not their time for harvest. Dehydrating food helps you to make all of the above-mentioned possibilities to become made true! With dehydration, you can preserve fruits and vegetables as well as other foods and enjoy their benefits throughout the year.

What is Food Dehydration?

Food dehydration is a process that involves the removal of water and moisture from food, which include but are not limited to fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. dehydrating food can be achieved through the utilization of food dehydrating appliances such as a food dehydrator, an oven, or through sun-drying. It aids in preventing microorganisms from growing like mold, yeast, and bacteria. Also, this results in making these fruits and vegetables useful in the future, while keeping the nutrients intact.

Generally, the process of dehydrating foods, has been a practice since pre-historic times. People during this era dried seeds with the use of the heat coming from the sunlight. They do this to preserve their food so that the food can be eaten later on. Nowadays, people trust companies in processing their food without thinking of the side effects these preservatives and additives could give to their health. Maybe the reason for this is that some are just too busy to check what additives were added to their snacks.

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Most Common Methods of Dehydrating Food

Food dehydration is said to be the only way to preserve your food without affecting the nutrients in what you consume. The most common and accessible means to do so are the methods of sun-drying and oven-drying. In modern days, according to experts in food preservation, they trust standalone dehydrators to affect the moisture removal from foods. Now let us look at the different types of food dehydration you can do at home.

Sun-drying (Solar Drying)

sun drying food
Image by: Archives New Zealand

Thinking of trying the sun drying process for the dehydration of food? This is not bad. It would be the one of the best options for you to try if you are planning to preserve foods rich in sugars and acid, such as fruits and vegetables. This suggests that they would not spoil easily during the method, unlike vegetables. On the contrary, sun-drying meat may result in bacterial growth since it is crammed with protein.

There are a lot of advantages you could derive from using sun-drying compared to other methods. Aside from drying your food thoroughly, one of the benefits of solar drying process is that it is more efficient in saving energy. Another advantage of this is that it is much safer to use since drying your food using this method could cause fire accidents, whereas sunlight does not.

Dehydrating Food In Oven (Oven-Drying)

dehydrating food in the oven
Image by: Mindful One

Dehydrating food in Oven is one of the methods to preserve foods. When you opt for this type of dehydration, you need to consider the sort of oven you’ve got. If you are having a problem with your electricity, you may consider leaving the food for hours. So, it would not be cost-effective counting on where you reside. Also, you would like to let the oven door be slightly opened to obviate moisture. This may then cause the room to get warmer, and it would help you have a source of heat during cold times.

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Using a Food Dehydrator

Drying food in dehydrator
Image by: planningqueen

Once you have become familiar with dehydrating food, you would possibly want to try the healthier modern food dehydrator. This is an electrical kitchen appliance which makes drying foods a breeze. As compared with the oven, a dehydrator would never destroy food enzymes.

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Benefits of Dehydrating Food

benefits of food dehydration
This image and others by: Vigilant20 licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Below are some of the benefits that you will get from dehydrating food.

  • Worrying about food spoilage is no longer a problem for you.

You can now freely buy lots of food without the fear of having rotten food. Visiting a farmer’s market to buy the bulk of fruits and veggies is now an additional option for you. If you’re business-minded, you’ll even sell your dried food since they are quite pricey within the stores.

  • The organization of special meals can be made possible.

You will not get to await the proper season to enjoy nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price by dehydrating food. It will let you dehydrate any food that you simply want.

  • Controlling over the food you eat can now be made possible.

You probably would not want to consume genetically modified foods or those being processed by the companies for the food to last longer. Because of this reason, you should try considering this kind of food drying preservation.

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It is observed that several dehydrated foods from department stores and markets have preservatives and additives. With this, dehydrating your food will let you eat healthier certainly.

  • An excellent supply of antioxidants and fiber is what you acquire.

As compared with fresh fruits, dried foods, specifically fruits, contain a higher concentration of fiber and antioxidants. Natural food is, therefore, considered healthy to consume.


With all the necessary information you are now equipped with, it is now time for you to be mindful of the food you consume and ensure that what you eat aids you have a longer and healthier life. One’s body portrays whether one gets to consume healthy food or otherwise, so start dehydrating your food now.

Dehydrating Food - Types of Food Dehydration and Their Benefits
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Dehydrating Food - Types of Food Dehydration and Their Benefits
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