7 Multipurpose Rice Washers That Add The Best Value To Your Kitchens

best value rice washers for kitchenWe are rice lovers and not shy about that. Though rice is supposed to be quick and easy to cook, you would love making simple things even simpler. That is why, whenever I can, I choose to cook my rice in a rice cooker. Rice washers/rice washing colanders will be one of your secret weapons to make rice cooking easy and pleasurable. It is a useful item to have in your kitchen.

If you want to cook rice without it burning in the rice cooker or pan, you must wash your rice before cooking. By washing the rice first, you rinse away natural starch from the rice. Without a rice washer (rice strainer), you put your hands over the container and hope the rice will not go into the sink with the water. Usually, this ends in disappointment. However, a rice washer solves everything. It makes it easy for you to wash away the starch and dirt. You just rinse the rice over the sink until the washing water becomes absolutely clear. Another reason rice washers are essential is that they can help you to save on the cost of rice by buying cheaper rice varieties that have a higher starch content. Because you know you will wash away the starch.

Below are 6 rice washers (Rice strainers) that give the best value and make the processing of washing rice and other groats pleasurable. They are multipurpose, and you can use them beyond only washing rice. And right now, you can buy them from our recommended links on each washer.

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Great Value rice washers/rice strainers.


  1. OXO Good Grips Rice, Quinoa, and Small Grains Washing Colander

oxo good grips rice and quinoa washing colander

Oxo grips make a fantastic rice washer with many things to love about it.

What to love about these washers.

– OXO good grips rice washer is perfect for washing big grains like rice. But it will also work well for washing lentils and other medium-sized and small grains.

-The holes are an ideal size to keep in your rice and quinoa from falling out, while the water still drains out perfectly well.

– The size is ideal for washing/rinsing up to 4 cups of rice or quinoa. Covers you for a big group of people.

– You will love the color of this washing colander as it blends in well in your space.

– Sturdy, well made, and durable.

What you may not like.

This washer is advertised as also ideal for washing tiny grains like quinoa. Some users, they testify that it works well in washing quinoa. However, while soaking quinoa, it may get stuck in the holes, this makes it impossible to clean (unless you use a toothpick). Also, for small grains, due to grains sticking in the washer holes, the water may not drain completely.

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  1. Japanese Design 2.1Qt (2L) Rice Washers.

Japanese design strainer

[amazon fields=”B01G90UQYE” value=”button”]

What you will like about this strainer

  • For sushi lovers, this is an excellent tool for washing sushi rice.
  • You can use it not only for washing rice but also for vegetables, beans, Fruit, Pasta, etc.
  • Very perfect draining holes designed, so rice grains without the grains escaping.
  • The size is big enough. Can wash up to 3 cups of rice.
  • Temperature tolerant, meaning that you can strain even hot grains up to a temperature of 120 0C.
  • These rice washers are BPA free plastic, hence no worry of rusting due to water. Plus, it is easy to clean.
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  1. U.S. Kitchen Supply – Premium Quality over the Sink Stainless Steel Oval  Rice washers/basket strainer.

over the sink rice washer colander

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– It is a multipurpose use strainer. Not only will you use this basket strainer for washing and straining rice. This colander has unlimited uses in the kitchen. For example, you can also use it to sift, filter and strain out impurities as well as break up clumps in both wet and dry ingredients such as rice, sugar, flour, and other grain. You can also use it for other food preparation activities like rinsing and washing fruits, vegetables, grains and pasta, strain thick or thin wet ingredients like sauces, lumpy gravy and soups.

– The rice washers/ basket’s nets/holes of the colander basket are small enough to catch small grains during sifting, straining, and draining.

– It helps you to be more efficient in the kitchen by freeing up your hands. This is so because the strainer basket can rest over the sink with the handles extended or rest in the sink with the handles collapsed so that your hands are free for you to focus on other things.

– Besides resting over the sink, the colander also has resting legs, which allow it to be set on a countertop and be used as a basket to hold or display fruits and vegetables.

– The colander basket has an ideal capacity of 6 quarts and a size of 13″ by 9″, which is perfect for handling most straining, draining, rinsing, sieving, sifting, and filtering tasks.

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4. Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers

Some people have nicknamed this bowl “the Zojirushi of rice washing”. This is because of its impressive performance.
This is an amazing bowl that is surprisingly superior to normal bowls or strainers. It is not only used and ideal for washing rice grains but is also perfect for washing and cleaning vegetables and fruits. 

[amazon box=”B004QZAAS2″]

It has a large capacity and is made of high-quality non-stick materials which make transferring washed rice from the strainer into the pan or rice cooker easy, without any danger of rice spilling over or pouring with the water.
In addition, you can strain your grains from either the bottom or the sides. With an optimized design that allows the perfect flow of water through the bowl, you are assured of clean rice after just several seconds.

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5. Joyoldelf Stainless Steel Rice Washing Bowl, Versatile 3-In-1 Colander, and Kitchen Strainer.

[amazon box=”B01KL6F6AG”]

6. P&P CHEF Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated Colanders Strainers

[amazon box=”B07DXKRLXK”]

7. LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated 5-Quart Colander.

[amazon box=”B0166P6QNM”]

8. LiveFresh Premium Quality Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer Sieve Colander – 7-5/8 Inch

[amazon box=”B00UPOVWEO”]

Videos on Washing of Rice

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7 Multipurpose Rice Washers That Add The Best Value To Your Kitchens.
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