6 Best Stand Mixers 2021 [TOP PERFORMING & Affordable]

best stand mixers

Bread, cake, creamers, and cookie lovers, here is another kitchen appliance that eases your kitchen preparation work. A stand mixer is another appliance that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen. Hand mixers are quite good, but with the stand mixer, you continue doing your work as you knead your bread dough or whip your cream. No need to stress yourself holding the mixer. Having decided to splash some dollars on a stand mixer, the next hurdle is choosing the right one for you. Our editors have combed through the trending stand mixers to bring you the best stand mixers of 2020. While choosing the right stand mixers for you, we looked at quite a number of factors before concluding. These included ease of use, assembling the beaters and mixing bowl, working principle and, easiness to clean the mixer.

In A Hurry? (Or Are You Curious?)

These are the top picks from our editors and the most popular with consumers.

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Overall best: KitchenAid KSM150PSPT

Best medium heavy-duty: Cuisinart SM-50

Top Small Stand Mixer: Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63227

Best Unique: Breville BEM800XL

Top Heavy-duty: Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 660W

Best for bread dough: Ankarsrum Original 6230

Editor’s Top Picks of Best Stand Mixers

Overall Best: KitchenAid KSM150PSPT Artisan Series 5-Qt Stand Mixer. 

The ease our reviewer went through kneading the sticky bread while using the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer showed the extremely high performance and versatility of this stand mixer. With the 5 Qt stainless bowls and comfortable handle, you can mix large quantities of dough for many loaves of bread. For example, four of them in a single batch. The tilt-head design of the stand mixer allows you to add ingredients to the bowl. This ensures you dont mess up the setting of the stand mixer and also remove the bowl for cleaning and placing it back with ease.

KitchenAid Artisan as the overall best stand mixer has a power hub whereby in case you have other attachments such as ice cream maker, meat girdler, spiralizer, pasta maker, the mixer allows you to attach them.  Hence making it a multifunctional stand mixer, but remember you have to buy them independently; they don’t come with the mixer. While using the mixer, every rotation it takes within the bowl, it touches 59 points of the bowl. Meaning there is uniformity in the kneading and mixing of the ingredients. With the ten speeds optional this stand mixer has, you can gently start from the lowest increasing smoothly to the highest for better finishing results.

This mixer is easy to clean but for safety purposes, before washing the accessories, remove them from the stand mixer. Great with the many accessories that come with the mixer, coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6 -wire whips, and 1- piece pouring shield. So you don’t have to spend extra cost to have them. The pouring guard helps you when removing your prepared dough or cream from the bowl with ease. And also adding ingredients to the bowl without splattering. Lastly, the flat and dough hook are dish washable.


  • Powerful
  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to use.


  • When very high speed is used, it loses stability, just play around with speed.

Best Medium Heavy- Duty: Cuisinart SM-50 5.5 – Quart

Wao!! to this fabulous, powerful stand mixer, Cuisinart SM-50 stand mixer is such a powerful mixer with a motor of 500 watts enabling you to go through thicker duties of kneading dough for cookies, bread, cakes and also whipping the heavy creams with ease. Secondly, the mixer has got a tilt-back motor head which gives you easy access to the bowl, when you need to add anything, just gently tilt the head backward and add in whatever you want to add.

Furthermore, it has got a polished stainless bowl with an excellent capacity of quantity 5.5, which enables you to continue adding in more ingredients for many loaves of bread plus cakes. The bowl has also got a gripped handle making it easy to hold it while scooping out your dough or taking it for cleaning. The mixer is stable, don’t get worried about it falling off the countertop to the ground even at a higher speed.

Compared to other stand mixers, the Cuisinart SM-50 5.5Qt stand mixer is quiet while in use, I guess you love working in a quiet environment just like me this mixer will give it to you. The splash guard with pouring chute prevents your dough from splashing into your kitchen during operation and also when getting out the occupants from the bowl.

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More specifications

For safety, the mixer has an automatic temperature control switch which when the motor tends to detect an increase in temperature, the mixer will automatically go off. I can’t fail to tell you about the 12-speed options of this stand mixer which are easy to adjust just roll the round dial and put to your desired speed depending on your recipe.

Cuisinart mixer comes with an instruction manual, please go through it before use, recipe booklets and extra accessories, e.g. chefs whisk, dough hook, flat mixing paddle. Above all, the mixer with all those features is more affordable compared to other costly related brands.  With this mixer, you are assured of impeccable finishes of your dough.


  • quiet
  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable


  • A bit heavy but place it on the countertop and limit its movement from one place to another.

Best Small: Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer

With this 12-speed optional stand mixer, you can prepare from sticky bread dough to light whipped cream without fail; you just have to choose the right setting according to your recipe. The Hamilton Eclectrics, All metal stand mixer, has a powerful motor of 400 watts fit for the thick pizza dough that seem to require a lot of energy; it is user friendly ensuring that all your dough and butter whips are thoroughly mixed well. For a durable look, the mixer is cast with metal finishing also giving it a pleasant look in all the four colours in which the mixer comes in.

You can have sterling, licorice, carmine red or sugar Hamilton beach Eclectrics of your choice matching with your kitchen setting. The mixers bowl has a quantity of 4.5 big enough to prepare cake dough and creams for your guests, and it is locked at the base of the mixer giving it a firm grip while in use no need to hold it, in case you need to move the bowl, it has got a big handle making it easy to carry most especially when pouring out your mixture just turn the lock and it will be out.

Mixer’s head can be tilted for you to access the bowl to add a scoop out ingredients quickly. It comes with extra accessories, so you don’t have to spend extra on the flat beater, dough hook, whisk and the pouring shield which protects and prevents the ingredients from splattering when adding and removing the ingredients from the stand mixer’s bowl. To have your fluffy whipped creams, get yourself a Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All Metal 12-speed Electric Stand mixer.


  • Die-cast metal finish makes it a durable
  • Accessories are dish washable.
  • Quiet


  • A bit heavy
  • Doesn’t have the optional for many attachments but it is highly adequate for the essential functions such as whipping, kneading dough and many others.


Best unique: Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart

Sometimes putting guesswork in the operation of an appliance leads to poor results, with the Breville Scrapper mixer; forget about  all the guesswork for better finishes. You can set the required time for your recipe with the programmed timer on the mixer, and it will automatically go off when the recipe is ready. About the mixer’s motor, is powerful with 550watts with 12 speeds which are displayed on a large LCD, making it easy to choose the correct speed for your recipe easily. The scraper beater of the mixer is double-sided with flexible edges assuring you a clean swap within the bowl, every point of the bowl is wiped through so no cases of knotted ingredients.

Additionally, these beaters save you from the burden of having to pause the stand mixer to use a spatula to mix through the kneaded dough or cream. This is due to a fantastic feature of the mixer which is unique from its competitors the planetary mixing motion.

As the mixers head moves clockwise, the beater moves anticlockwise ensuring 360 degrees coverage of the entire bowl. With this, no ingredients are left untouched during the mixing process. Just like the Cuisinart stand mixer model, Breville stand mixer comes with a 5-Quart stainless steel bowl big enough.  To handle all your recipes even with many people. It can be locked to the mixer for safety and stability when the mixer is in operation.

More about the stand mixer

You can attach the pouring shield that comes with the mixer to the bowl while pouring in your ingredients to prevent splattering all over the kitchen. The head of the Breville scrapper mixer can be tilted and locked in one position to allow you to add in ingredients without getting worried for it hitting you back.

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Furthermore, when you get yourself a Breville scraper mixer pro as your best stand mixer, you get extra accessories which include the scraper beater, standard flat beater, dough hook, whisk, splash guard and spatula. These are far enough to enjoy making your dough for cakes, cookies and whipping your creams. With the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro as your best stand mixer, you are assured of the best results; don’t forget to get through its manual!!!


  • With the unique scraper beater, expect even mixing of your ingredients.
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy
  • Might not be too good for heavy duties but if you deal with mixing light dough for your cakes and whipping creams, then this is the best choice for you.
  • When overloaded, the mixer may fail to turn off automatically you just have to put in the right load.

Best heavy duty: Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 

This mixer qualifies to be a multifunctional stand mixer, because it handles all kinds of mixtures from a heavy, medium, to light mixtures. It has got  6-speed settings well displayed with a pulse before the first speed, with the dough hook set at 1-3 speed, you can manage the heavy mixtures such as bread or short pastry, beater with the mixer set at 2-4 speed. You can handle the medium-heavy mixtures, which are mainly spongy, and with a speed of 5-6, using a whisk, light mixtures are easily made such as for creams, egg whites making the Aucma stand mixer to be multifunctional.

In addition to the 6-speeds, the mixer has got a very high performance, which it attains from its 660watts motor, enabling it to run all the heavy works smoothly. Wondering about the capacity, the bowl of the mixer has a capacity of 6.5 Qt with a handle allowing you to move it from the mixer and back with the help of the tilted head design, which helps you do this more easily. The splash guard that comes with the Aucma stand mixer will enable you to add ingredients to the bowl. The guard allows you to add these without you messing up your kitchen.

You don’t have to worry about your mixer falling off the countertop. This is because the stand has four anti-slip silicone sanction cups to give a stable position to the mixer when in operation. During operation, expect some noise, but that shouldn’t scare you to have this mixer because the noise is too low. With the Aucma stand mixer, you don’t have to buy any other mixer to help you handle other baking options. The stand mixer is just enough for everything.


  • Large capacity
  • Highly stable


  • A bit heavy

Best For Bread Dough: Ankarsrum Original 6230, Stainless Steel 7 Litre Stand Mixer

For bread makers, you will find an Ankarsrum stand mixer to be so powerful to tackle the thicker bread dough. This is due to its 600-watt motor capable of withstanding the most hardened dough kneading. The motor is located at the bottom of the mixer with a movable steel arm. It holds the roller with a scraper mimicking the palm of your hand to roll and knead the batter and dough acting as your fingers.  With the 7-litre stainless mixing bowl, you can make enough dough for at least four big loaves of bread, in this bowl. You can add in over 21 cups of flour, which is enough capacity for many households. In addition to the stainless bowl, the mixer has a Tritan plastic mixing bowl of 3.5 litres. This is equivalent to 18 egg whites used to whip your creams and boiling the sugar syrups.

About other features, the Ankarsrum stand mixer comes with a multi-wire balloon whisk good enough for creams, egg whites and other light batters. For whipping also has a single wire cookie whip for the light batters and soft cookie dough. The stand mixer has got a 12-minute timer, which, when you start the mixer, you can continue with your work. The automatic adjusting speed control adjusts the motor torque depending on the recipe you are working on.

With the stainless bowl removed, attachments such as a meat grinder, vegetable slicer, blender, pasta discs, and cookie press can be attached to the stand mixer. It enabling you to do other extra preparation tasks. Keep in mind to buy these attachments separately.


The mixer comes with additional accessories. Some of them include the dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, dust cover lid. Ankarsrum stand mixer is beyond just a mixer you will never regret.

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  • Powerful enough to handle heavy duties.
  • durable
  • Quiet


  • Best for bread makers but also the cookie and cream makers can still have it
  • Quite expensive



Stand mixer’s capacity is measured on its bowl, 6Qt bowl has got a higher capacity compared to a 4Qt bowl. To determine the capacity you need, it depends on what you intend to use the mixer for. And also how many people you plan to serve.

If you’re a bread maker, the capacity of the stand mixer will greatly determine how many loaves of bread you can make in one round. Are you planning to make dough throughout your holiday? Trust me you would require to have the best stand mixer with a large capacity. This is because you expect to have your friends coming around to have a stay with you.


Usually defined by the mixer’s motor in watts, it determines the performance of the mixer. Getting you through the thick and dry dough, you require having a mixer of a higher wattage compared to the light batter. In our review, we saw that the ANKARSRUM has a wattage of 600, which makes it powerful. But still, on the performance bit of it, some mixers may appear to have a higher wattage. But when they are not powerful, you need to check other properties too to have the best stand mixers.


Some mixers are designed with tilt heads while others as Bowl lift. Mixers whose head can be tilted enables the user to easily access the mixing bowl. This is when adding in ingredients you just have to tilt the head back. It still helps the user to remove and put back the mixing bowl after using it. Some stand mixers have a bowl-lift design you don’t need to tilt the head of the mixer.

You just need to unlock the arm like attachments from the mixer to the bowl to remove the mixer. And lock them on returning the mixer. Many users find the bowl lift mixers not easy to add ingredients and also to unlock the attachments. But on the other hand, they are found to be powerful due to their motor, which cannot be supported in the Lift head mixer.

best stand mixers with bowl-lift design
Image Via Amazon – Check It Out


Different recipes require different speeds given that you are to be preparing different recipes. You will need a stand mixer with a variety of speed settings our reviewed stand mixers have over more than 5-speed settings. With lower speed, you can add ingredients to the mixer without you turning it off. And with the medium speed, you can knead that dough and for the highest speed to whip you creams and egg whites. Stand mixers with more than 3-speed settings are considered okay for you to buy.


Though most stand mixers are considered to be big and bulky as compared to their hand mixer cousins, you should buy a mixer that can fit into your kitchen. Without taking up the other space you need for additional occupants.  Most bigger mixers are considered to be very powerful and stable during use.  So the size shouldn’t limit you in case you have space where you will comfortably place it. Without moving it because it will be heavy; otherwise, a mixer not higher than 20 pounds will do a great job.

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Our top picks of the best stand mixers above have been selected out of intensive research by the editors. We understand your stand mixer preferences may be specific. That is why we included many models in this research. We hope that from this list, you can find that model that will make your baking and food preparation a pleasant experience. Some times, your preferences could even go beyond the models and you want to know about the design. We also have an article on the two stand mixer designs (the tilt head and bowl-lift). You can check it out for more clarification.


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