Best Deep Fryer For Fries, Fish, Chicken At Home in 2021

A deep fryer

The crispy taste that comes with fried foods forces us to wait for long hours in those long queues in different restaurants. Are you fed up of these long lines, with the best deep fryer,  you can bring the restaurant based fried fish, chicken, French fries, shrimps and many other foods to your home. Likewise, those looking for deep fryers for commercial use, our editors have extensively researched deep fat fryers available. Some deep fryers monitor and maintain the temperature, as they automatically shut off when the normal temperatures are exceeded and some also feature with extra features that make your work easier. We have gathered here the best for fish, chicken, fries, etc, and all the necessary information you need to know before you acquire one. This list below summarises all the fryers we cover in this topic and how they all fared in our research. 

These are the best  deep fryers:

  1. Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer, 4 Quart

I guess everyone planning to have a deep fryer believes in something durable enough here is the Cuisinart deep fryer. Its outing made of stainless steel, which not only gives it a great look but also contributes to its durability.

The oil tank and the food basket of the fryer are large enough to have the right amount of your fries, chicken, or fish and still easy to handle. The tank has got a pouring spout at one of its ends hence making oil drainage and tank cleaning easy. When the food is ready, the basket can be placed on the side of the oil tank to allow the oil in the food to get back to the tank.

Furthermore, the deep fryer comprises a 60-minute timing enabling you to set the required time for your recipe and the alarm that trickles when the time is over. The temperature dial that runs from 175ºF to 375ºF gives you a wide selection for all your different types of foods.

Additionally, the deep fryer has got both blue and red indicators, which are useful in letting you know when the cooking oil is ready for cooking, and too when the fryer is overheating. Thanks to Cuisinart for the ventilation and a broad view window for observing what you’re cooking without opening. This also prevents the splattering of cooking oil.

Expect even distribution of heat from the thermostat and can also be removed for cleaning. On buying the deep fryer unit, it comes with a stainless mesh basket.


  • Large viewing window
  • The 1800 heating element which provides enough heat
  • The oil tank is removable with a pouring sprout
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Cool-touch handle for both the cover and the basket


  • Produces a lot of steam, avoid using it when not covered.
  • Use it in a well-ventilated room.


  1. T-Fal Deep Fryer

The T-Fal deep fryer FR8000’s power performance of 1700 watts makes it a highly rated deep fryer on Amazon. With 3.5-liter oil capacity, you are capable of preparing 2.65 pounds of food at once for your visitors and family.

 The food basket of the deep fryer has got two positions, one for preparing the food and the other for draining with handles for easy removal from the oil. And also, for storage purposes, T-Fal deep fryer FR8000 has got a fantastic feature of automatic oil filtration, whereby after use, your oil is filtered to the oil storage until the next day for cooking. This saves your oil from getting contaminated and also keeps you from spending much on oil.

Deep fryer filtration and storage system
Oil Filtration and Storage

 Having the heating element immersed in the oil, it gives a steady production of heat thorough out the oil tank hence having Professional and healthier results. A temperature knob helps you to manage the heating temperature. You just have to scroll that knob to your required temperature.

With the odor filter, the smell of your food is let out, and thanks to the large viewing window where you can monitor your fries. Apart from the heating element, all other accessories of the deep fryer are dish washable, hence making them easy to clean. Enjoy deep frying your delicious foods at home.


  • easy to clean
  • The oil filtration system and storage keep your oil clean
  • it has got a good sense of heating element
  • Suitable for serving large meals


  • The basket might get too big for some dishwashers


  1. Presto 05420 Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer (Best budget-friendly).

For all your crispy, crunchy deep fried food, delicious chicken, French fries, shrimps, onion rings and many other foods fry them with great easy. The Presto 05420 Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer is all you need to take you through.

It comprises of ample space for you to do your work as you don’t require a basket inserted in the fryer. This all area will need you only four cups of oil for you to prepare four servings, isn’t this great? This saves you the cost of buying a lot of oil.

 After using your deep fryer, no need to worry about where to keep your oil, it has got a Snap-On lid where to keep your oil until the next day of frying. Sometimes adjusting the cooking temperature comes around with a lot of guesswork, but with this deep fryer, forget about that as it has one temperature setting, and the temperature will then be controlled automatically depending on what you are preparing.

With everything made accessible on this deep fryer, the oil tank has got a non-stick coating, which makes it easy to clean. Without having to struggle with the basket, the deep fryer has got a scoop, which enables you to get out your food from the oil and also lets you drain the excess oil back to the oil tank.

 I cannot forget to tell you about how budget-friendly this deep fryer is. You need to spend less to have a deep fryer. Every customer of Presto appreciates its easiness to use.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • it has an oil storage
  • Automatically adjusts the temperature.
  • Giftable due to its portability.
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  • Some buyers say that it can sometimes become too hot, but to overcome this, just have to unplug from the socket.


  1. T-Fal Odourless 

Having a great time in your kitchen but with a lot of odor from what you are frying, the T-Fal Odourless Stainless Steel lean Deep Fryer is here for you. With an excellent odor filtration system that allows you to enjoy your fried foods. The model keeps you safe while frying as the frying basket is lowered into the oil container after the lid is closed, preventing oil splatters and burns. 

 For your added safety, the basket handles features a cool touch, hence protecting your fingers from getting burnt.  It also features a sizeable anti-fog viewing window so that you don’t keep on opening the fryer while cooking. You can view inside of the deep fryer even when closed. For perfection in your fried food, the deep fryer has a variable temperature control panel where you can easily control the temperature of the cooking oil. Similarly, it has got an adjustable timer that runs up to 30 minutes. It allows you to set the required time needed and then proceed to other duties as you wait for an alarm to alert you when the fryer stops.

 Cleaning up your deep fryer is a breeze as all the accessories can easily be dissembled from the unit and are all dishwasher-safe. These include the oil tank, lid, frying basket, marvelous filter, charcoal filter cover, and excess oil tray. Let T-Fal-FR600D51 make your cooking life easier with adorable finishes.


  • A pleasant odor filtration system
  • Safe while using it
  • Easy to clean
  • Very fast


  • It can only set the time up to 30 minutes.


  1. Master built MB23012418 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

If you love deep-frying, steaming, and boiling using a deep fryer, the Master built MB23012418 Butterball deep fryer has gotten you covered. The deep fryer has got a large food basket in which you can fry 20lbs of food, which means you can cook your full turkey and 5 lbs of chicken wings at the same time.

 One buyer prepared to full chicken at once in this fryer. No worries if you have a thanksgiving ceremony, Christmas, or any other occasion could it be commercial, and the Master built offers you a significant quantity preparation. It can accommodate 10 liters of oil or water; this will be a marvelous capacity for you.

Compared to other ordinary deep fryers, you can save up to 1/3 of cooking oil when you use this deep fryer. When the oil is placed into the oil tank, using the temperature control, you can control the thermostat up to 375oF. And when the oil is ready, the green light will alert you to place in your food and start frying. Set the time using the digital timer on the fryer and wait until your food is ready.

The powerful heating element of 1650 watts connected to a magnetic breakaway cord, which ensures your safety. When the element overheats, allow fast and even distribution of heat throughout your oil. With this deep fryer, you can fry all kinds of foods such as French fries, chicken turkey, shrimps, onions and fish, and many other foods.

It has got an oil drain valve for easy cleanup and also draining out your oil, the components of the deep fryer are dish washable.


  • Large capacity
  • Saves oil
  • Save time as you can be a multi-task.


  • It might not be suitable for a small family as it is a bit big.


6. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach deep fryer

Enjoy the restaurant-style different fried foods in just minutes at your home with the Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer. The fryer comprises of powerful 1800 watt heating element immersed into the oil to provide enough heat to fry your favourite foods quickly and evenly.

The fryer carries three baskets whereby two of them can be used at once, enabling you to prepare two different dishes at once hence saving you the long time you spend in the kitchen, and all baskets have got hooks to attach on the fryer to drain out the oil.

 It has got a capacity of 4.7 liters of oil, enabling you to prepare 12 cups of fried foods at once. This professional style deep fryer protects you from the oil splatters by using a vented lid for you to watch through while cooking.

Thanks to Hamilton for the temperature control dial, which allows you to adjust your temperature from 265°f to 375°F. These temperatures optional will enable you to control your cooking temperature hence preventing your food from getting burnt. Ready light close to the temperature control lets you know that the oil is an optimum heat for you to start frying.

 On top of the controls, the deep fryer has got an adjust timer allowing you to set the required time for your recipe. To increase your safety, never fill the oil above the maximum level, and for better results, the oil should be above the minimum level.

However, the deep fryer can only be used for indoor activities, no outdoor cooking. Let’s bring the restaurant in our homes with the Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer.


  • Very easy to use


  • Has no filter


  1. KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

The KRUPS KJ502D51 seems a step away from the other deep fryers with a feature of 4 pre-set functions for fries, chicken, nuggets, onion rings, and donuts that automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature for better results. When you place the basket with nuggets just set the nuggets function and the rest the fryer will do it for you.

But still, there is a manual temperature selection for varying the temperature for other types of food. The Krups has got three food baskets where the large one is used to prepare large meals at once and the two small baskets to make two different foods at once.

The oil container carries a capacity of 4.5 liters of oil, and within the basket, you can prepare 2.6Lbs of food at one time. The immersed removable heating element offers you a reliable temperature corresponding to the one you have set to give you crispy results.

Forget about the unpleasant odor from remaining in your food as the incorporated filter lets out this odor but also remember that some steam can pass through the filter openings so, always keep your face away while cooking. For your extended safety, while cooking, the large viewing window enables you to see through the fryer without having to open it.

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Since the deep fryer is easy to dismantle, this quickens your cleaning process. Don’t fear the assembling process of this deep fryer as it is very easy. Remember to break the magnetic cord away from the deep fryer before moving the deep fryer to avoid its breakage.


  • 4 pre-set functions that take away the guesswork.
  • Large capacity


  • Some customers say that it works great but kind of use more oil.


  1. Secura Triple basket deep fryer 

Have your deep-fried fish at the same time with the French fries? Nothing will stop you with the Secura deep fryer. It comes with three baskets where one has two portions for you to prepare both your fish and the fries at the same time. The bigger basket covers you when making for a bigger family or commercial use.

The heating element immersed in the oil container of 4 litres generates heating power of 1700 watts that preheats and recovers oil temperature fast, giving you pleasant finishes. You can adjust the temperature of the cooking oil from the temperature dial, which runs from 250°-375°F giving you a wide range of temperatures that enable you to prepare different food types within the deep fryer.

 Before starting to cook, you can set up an automatic timer which runs up to 60mins and then automatically shuts down the fryer when the time is down. The green light will alert you when the oil is ready for use, and the red light will set on when the fryer is overheating.

The lid of the deep fryer comprises of the odour filter and the viewing window for you to keep safe from the spatters on opening the deep fryer. The baskets have got crisps to enable you to rest them on the fryer to drain out the oil after cooking. This feature helps you save on buying oil as the excess oil will get back to the tank.

  The oil tank and the food baskets are dish washable, whereas the heating element is removable from the oil tank and washed manually.


  • Fast heating element
  • Three baskets allow you to prepare enough food
  • The eye-catching design


  • Some users complain about the short cord to the socket.


  1. Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer (Best fish deep fryer)

The Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer is one of the most efficient outdoor deep fryer mainly used for deep frying of fish.  It comprises of two stainless steel fry baskets with soft handles for safety while carrying them.

The drain valve helps you drain out oil from the oil tank plus the temperature gauge to monitor the temperature of the oil. To keep the oil clean, the bottom of the fryer is v-shaped, which keeps the base oil temperature cooler than the top frying temperatures such that the batter doesn’t burn.

The extension legs keep the fryer steady while frying your fish. Being a fisher cooker, it still makes frying of other foods so quick. The cooking temperature can be varied from 50oF to 400oF. It is being affirmed of its steady temperature, which doesn’t drop unless adjusted.

 For family parties and occasions, this will be a great deal for you.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean due to the drainage valve
  • Works great for fish frying ut also does for other foods.


  • It is mainly For outdoor activities only.


  1. Presto 05442 Cool Daddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

The Presto 05442 Cool Daddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer, just like its name, has got an extraordinary exterior. The exterior protects your hands when touched cooks perfectly well your chicken, shrimp, French fries, fish, etc.

 In one cook time, you can prepare Six-cups of food capacity enough for your six family members.  The deep fryers basket has got an exterior handle that lowers food into the oil with the cover closed.  This helps to prevent spattering. To open the deep fryer, you just need to push that one button, and you will be done.

 On pouring the cooking oil into the oil tank, the temperature dial helps you set your cooking temperature ranging from 275 to 375oF and control the heating element. Which generates the power of about 1500 watts producing an even distribution of heat throughout the oil.

 The extra viewing window helps you monitor the cooking process, attached is the charcoal air filter that lets out that odour from the food. The handy indicator will do for you this great job to let you know that the cooking oil is ready.

 The removable non-sticking oil pot is easy to clean. The steadiness of this deep fryer enables you to place and keep it on the countertop while you do your cooking.


  • The exterior design saves your fingers from burning up when the fryer gets hot
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to clean due to the non-stick oil pot


  • The view window gets foggy on hot oil
  • Be aware when pressing the open button while cooking as the cover lid opens so fast and can cause splattering.


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What is Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer

  A kitchen appliance is used for quick preparation of meals by submerging them into boiling oil or butter in large quantities so as all food gets in the oil. The cooking oil usually is at temperatures between 350 °F and 375 °F (175 °C to 190 °C). They can be for commercial use or home use; that’s why the deep fryers come in different sizes and models.

Foods such as fries, vegetables, fish, chicken, and many others are the ones that can be prepared in a deep fryer. In terms of use, the home deep fryers usually carry a smaller oil pot as compared to the fryer for commercial use.

Generally, a deep fryer comprises of an oil tank where the food basket is lowered, and when ready, the basket raises. Being automatic though some have manual features appliances, they comprise of timers, alarms. These alert you when the oil level is reached and when ready for you to insert in the basket. More so, the alarm helps you to know when the food is prepared. That’s when the food basket rises or the set time elapses.

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When using your induction cooktop for frying, you always have that smell that comes out of the food the same to the deep fryer. But most modalities comprise a ventilation system that lets out that frying odour from the kitchen. Furthermore, some deep fryers consist of an oil filtration system. This enables you to re-use your cooking oil when it’s free of any residue.

 Another essential feature of a deep fryer is a thermostat, which automatically controls the temperature; some are manually controlled while others are automatic. This is a critical feature for ensuring your safety while using your deep fryer. And also enables even distribution of heat throughout the cooking pan.


Before buying yourself a deep fryer, there are some features you need to look for. I bring you some of these features here. But you might have some more, which you will find in our review as you go through it.


Whether buying a deep fryer for commercial or home use, you should mind the storage of your fryer how much space you have and how big the fryer should be. Have a fryer that is stable when placed on the counter for frying. To avoid accidents that result from the fryer being unstable. Avoid placing your fryer near flames. In case you are buying a home deep fryer, better to go for a portable fryer for easy use and can always be shifted from one place to another.


Knowing the amount of food a particular deep fryer can prepare is an essential feature one should consider before getting one’s self one. For home use and small family, it means you don’t need to fry a lot of fish, so a small fryer with a low capacity will be enough for you. Commercial deep fryers carry a large capacity, so their baskets are always bigger. And some models may carry even more than one basket.

Also, the capacity can be determined on the type of food you intend to prepare in your deep fryer. Some people prefer having the all chicken deep-fried at once, then you will go for a bigger deep fryer. But like me, who only prefers deep frying the chicken wings, then having a small fryer is ok for me.


Before buying the deep fryer, ensure that the basket handles have a grip touch. It helps to protect your fingers from any burn. Some models can lower the basket into the oil container when the cover lid is closed. This helps to prevent splatters back to the user. Another essential feature of the basket are clips that enable you to rest the basket on the deep fryer. This is for drainage of excess oil from the fried food.


The filter will be a great feature if your deep fryer has it because, during frying, we expect some food pieces to get back to the cooking oil. This limits you from using it again, or you have to find ways of filtering it. Although the deep fryer with the oil filter will save you from this mess and it automatically filters your oil. And stores it to be used for the next cooking day.


This is one of the features which will significantly affect the quality of your finishes. An excellent deep fryer should have at least more than just low, medium, and high controls let it have some variety of temperature controls. Keep in mind these settings should be constant when setting. Some fryers keep on adjusting themselves when setting to another temperature hence not giving the correct temperature, which affects your frying.


I guess no one would love to own any appliance, which is complicated to use. So when buying go through the user guide, consider buying a deep fryer that is user friendly. Also, the work that comes with the cleaning of the fryer should be considered. Let the deep fryer be easy to dismantle, and have accessories that are dish washable will save you time cleaning your fryer.


This depends on the budget set aside for you’re to spend on the deep fryer. Affordable deep fryers usually appear in small size, and these are the electric ones. The bigger models, such as the propane, are somehow pricey. But the cost will also depend on the extra features on the deep fryer.


A deep fryer offers you many advantages and benefits and choices than an ordinary frying pan. Of course, you could fry your fish, chicken, chips, etc. in an ordinary frying pan and still enjoy your food. However, it will take you longer to finish frying and lose oil. So, for the best and stress-free results, we recommend you get a deep fryer.

Above, our editors have reviewed the best deep fryer for fish, for chicken, for chips, etc. We hope that you can find your self a deep fryer for home use or your business.  Just choose your best to enjoy fried foods at home. Within minutes you can bring the best dish to your dining. More so, no more struggling with breakfast and evening eats.


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