Advantages of a Deep Fryer (Benefits of Deep Fryer Revealed)

Sometimes owning a new appliance lets you ask a lot of questions about its benefits to you. Are you in the same dilemma asking yourself as to why you need a deep fryer? What are the benefits of a deep fryer to you? In this article, we are going to look at the advantages of a deep fryer. Or, in the practicability sense of if, we are going to look at the benefits of a deep fryer. Remember, unlike with the standard way of frying, with deep frying, we place oil in the deep fryer’s oil container and lower the food basket into the container when the oil reaches our desired temperature.

We are mostly used to having frying pans or stoves to fry our foods. For the time-constrained of us, we opt to order and wait for the crispy deep-fried food from the restaurant. However, by owning a deep fryer, it is possible to enjoy crispy food at homemade by yours truly. The following are some of my arguments as to why you should own a deep fryer at home or even a restaurant for commercial use instead of ordering deep-fried foods or using the stoves and pan.

Advantages of a deep fryer

  • Deep fryer saves oil
  • You get faster cooking with a deep fryer
  • Though not 100% safe, there is a little degree of safety in using a deep fryer than a frying pan
  • You can multitask.
  • Prepares crispy and delicious food
  • Very easy to use.

Let’s now look at these advantages of a deep fryer in details

  1. Saves oil

Everyone will always try to minimize the costs at home if possible. Frying your chapatti or French fries with an ordinary frying pan requires you to keep on adding frying oil on top of the chapatti and tuning it so that all sides can thoroughly be cooked. With the deep fryer, no need to keep on adding any oils. Once you are deep in your food, you wait for it to get thoroughly ready to remove. Though, of course, you may need to turn the food once in a while.

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Additionally, with the deep fryer, you can still re-use the oil which you used yesterday to prepare your chicken. This will significantly save you from the burden of spending a lot on buying oil. Some models like the T-Fal deep fryer comes with an oil filter that helps on the filtration of your oil to let it free from the food chippings.

  1. Faster cooking time

When using an ordinary frying pan, you may require to use more time because not that the whole chicken will get ready at the same time. You need to help if it cook on all sides by regularly changing it to different sides.  However, with the deep fryer, all the chicken will get cooked on all sides at the same time. There is less or no need to keep changing it. Hence reducing the time you spend in the kitchen.

  1. Safety

Another benefit of using a deep fryer is that you are assured of safety because a basket containing your food is lowered into the oil tank when the oil is ready. You don’t need to keep on opening the fryer. You can look through the viewing window to check on how ready your food is. By doing so, you keep safe from oil splatters that can happen on opening the fryer. Additionally, you can control the temperature using the temperature control dial. Hence, fewer chances of overheating the fryer. Fortunately, in the event of overheating, most deep fryer models feature a red light which will always warn you.

  1. You can be multitasking when you use a deep fryer

Most deep fryers have automatic timers, and the user needs to set the required time for a particular recipe and continue doing your other work. When the time elapses, the fryer will automatically switch off its self, and you are even alerted that the food is ready.

  1. Crispy and Delicious food

Deep fryer crispy food

For those who have tasted both foods from the deep fryer and conventional fryer can testify this. A deep fryer produces crispy and delicious meals. When it gets to snacks such as chips, crackers, and shrimps, it gives them a crispy taste and a fantastic odor everyone would love to taste. Thanks to the thermostat, it controls cooking temperature so that your food does not get overcooked or undercooked—furthermore, the odor filters, which drive out the unpleasant odor will leave your food with that pleasant smell.

  1. Easy to use

A deep fryer needs just a few steps to use. With this appliance, one just needs to pour oil into the oil tank and let the oil heat up. The fryer alerts you when the oil is at the right temperature for you to lower in your food basket and start cooking. No guesswork as most of the electric deep fryers is automatic. When the food is ready, you carry out your basket to the dining. This makes the deep fryers very easy to use as compared to the conventional fryers.

  1. Easy to clean a deep fryer

Having finished preparing your meal and already served, you want to keep your deep fryer clean. With a professional deep fryer, this is very easy since most of the deep fryer accessories are dish washable, disassemble the fryer and place the attachments into the dishwasher for cleaning. On the outside of the deep fryer, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth, keep it warm.

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 Deep Frying Process?

To deep-fry any kind of food, the oil is heated up to the optimum temperature in a deep frying pan or deep fryer. The temperature of the cooking oil can be tested by either using a thermometer or adding a little food to the oil to tell if the oil is ready.

On dropping your food in the oil, bubbles start moving or circulating around the dropped in food. This means that the water from the food is turning into steam as it gets out of the food hence allowing the formation of crusts around the food.

The crusts on the outside are hard but the inside of the food is turned soft due to the oil which moved in the inside of the food. One should not that the oil in the food is equal to the amount of water that left the food. After deep frying your turkey, you have a great flavour.

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Though you can still enjoy fried foods at home by only using a standard frying pan on any stovetop, there are some advantages that you can only get if you own a deep fryer. Let us take away the guesswork in frying our foods by using a deep fryer, which brings us all these advantages. I hope you found this article answers all your questions.

Advantages of a deep fryer ( Benefits of Deep Fryer Revealed)
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Advantages of a deep fryer ( Benefits of Deep Fryer Revealed)
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