Ways to Use Kitchen Shears – [10 Never Thought of Before Uses]

ways to use kitchen shears

Like the kitchen knife, which is frequently used in the kitchen, there is another versatile tool whose use is not limited to one or two things, but various. Having known the Chef’s knife to be multipurpose, there are some things which cannot be handled by this knife. Let us introduce to you the kitchen shears. These tools are to address both the knife’s duties as well as those operations which can be quite risky to handle with a knife, with less risk of cutting yourself.  For most people, when they acquire themselves a pair of shears, the only way they use them is to trim their meat, vegetables, and herbs; that is all. But today, we bring you 10 different and ingenious ways to use kitchen shears. Some you may already know, while you may never have thought of the other ways to use kitchen shears.

10 Ways to use Kitchen shears

#1. Cutting through Bacon

When you hold your bacon to slice it by using a knife, it is very slippery, making its uniform cutting very difficult. Using your kitchen shear as the cutting tool, it becomes straightforward and fast. Plus, it gives you uniformly cut slices. You can also use your kitchen shear to cut the cooked bacon into chunks or crumbles for garnishing.

#2 Breaking down Grapes

Usually, grapes feature in large butches. To have the grapes into smaller butches, your kitchen shear will do a great job. With kitchen shears, the large butches are broken down, making your serving plate easy to organize by adding other fruits.

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#3 Cutting Poultry

Remember, to have your chicken or turkey chopped well, you require a large wooden or plastic cutting board and a sharp chef’s knife, which makes it quite hard. You can use a kitchen shear to have it nicely cut and laid for roasting. First, split the whole chicken into two, then have one half, cut off the wing with the breast, then the thigh with the leg, have the wings separated from the breast. Then have the next half also cut the same way.

Cutting Poultry

#4 Chopping fresh herbs

You can use your pair of kitchen shears to snip off herbs and some vegetables off their stem plant. Afterwards, you can use the kitchen shears to chop and slice the vegetables and herbs into smaller pieces. You do not need to hold the spices, throw, or place them into a container you are to use for cooking; run the scissor through the herbs until they are chopped into smaller and required chops, which you can cook evenly.

Chopping fresh herbs

#5 Peeling Shrimp with Kitchen shears

Before preparing your shrimp, its shell should be peeled off along its length. A kitchen shear is the most versatile tool to remove the surface to cut off the meat quickly. You need one cut through from the head to the tail, and then use your hand holding the shrimp to pull off the remaining shell.

#6 Slicing pizza

It can be quite trick and hard to slice through a pizza, especially the layers with gooey cheese, which mainly make up the pizza. However, with Kitchen scissors and shears, this is made easy without making a mess through the layers. This is usually done when you have your little ones ready to share some pizza but cannot hold the whole pizza. In such a situation, it helps to have a pair of kitchen shears close to you.

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#7 Chopping Canned Tomatoes

With your kitchen shears, you do not need to transfer the juicy canned whole tomatoes from their container to the cutting board to have them chopped. Just use your kitchen shears to cut them within the Can or box.

#8 Chopping dried Fruits

Cutting and chopping up dried fruits such as tomatoes, apricots, apples from the food dehydrator using a kitchen knife is a hard job. This is because, sometimes they will break, or the blade slides off to cut your thumb. However, when you use kitchen shears, the job is accomplished faster and safer, saving your thumb from those tiny cuts you get as you lean the knife on the thumb.

#9 Removing crust from bread Using Kitchen shears

Bread forms a crust on top during the preparation. This crust is hard and becomes hard for you or your babies to bite through. The bread usually attains this crust from the toaster oven, and usually, it is brown. To have it off, a kitchen shear is of great help.

#10 Making Salads

Most of our dishes never miss on salads made of vegetables and greens. Before I bought myself a pair of shears, I used to think it is only the kitchen knife that can make the perfect salads. The shears make it quick and straightforward, with no need of having a cutting board. This saves you the burden of cleaning the cutting board. You do not need to hold the vegetables when making salads. Just pick your shear and chop the vegetables or green within the bowl or container.

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There are undoubtedly several other ways to use kitchen shears beyond what we have discussed above. However, the above is the main, but you can explore many more. After choosing your best kitchen shears, try out all these applications so that you do not limit yourself to only using them for chopping and trimming meat. Do not only rely on a sharp knife.

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Ways to Use Kitchen Shears – [10 Never Thought of Before Uses]
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Ways to Use Kitchen Shears – [10 Never Thought of Before Uses]
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