How To Use Rice Cooker – Step by Step Instructions With Pictures

how to use a rice cookerHopefully, you have just bought/acquired your favourite rice cooker and just need a few tips and steps on how to use your rice cooker to make a nutritious, delicious rice meal. Though the rice cooker might come with some instructions/user manual, they may be insufficient or more technical. Don’t worry, I have you covered in this article, as I give you step by step guidelines on how to use the rice cooker.

With these guidelines on using the rice cooker, you can enjoy the cooking while you carry out your other tasks (like looking after the babies or binge-watching your favourite TV series). With the following tips, you can never go wrong. Prepare your delicious rice dish in your newly acquired appliance.

For the following simple tutorial, you shall need the following:

  1. Rice cooker
  2. Rice grains
  3. Water
  4. A measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker
  5. Plastic or wooden spoon – Buy it on Amazon
  6. Rice washer – Buy it on Amazon.

The rice cooker needn’t be of the type you see in our images. Take advantage of any rice cooker you bought, but remember to read the user manual to see the dos and don’ts of that particular rice cooker. Different rice cookers have different capacities, which will determine how much to prepare within it and how long it would take to cook. Ideally, a cookstove with a larger capacity takes longer than that of smaller capacity. However, the time to cook could also depend on the type of rice cooker. Here are some inspirations for recipes to make a delicious rice meal

Rice cooking process

The working of a rice cooker is simple and mysterious. It is just a matter of pouring measured water in the bowl and then add rice. Then turn on using the ON button. After a few minutes depending on the type of your rice, it is already ready within that time. Depending on your recipe you can now have your rice for the dinner. However, you can change to the warm function or it automatically turns there then your rice stays for some time until you are ready to eat. This is pretty to find detailed rice cooking steps below.

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Steps on How to Use Rice Cooker

First Step: Measuring the rice

measuring the rice

The rice cooker comes with a measuring cup. Having read the manual to know the capacity of the cooker, then you know the maximum it can hold. Measure your rice using the measuring cup. In case your rice cooker shows 6 cups (cooked), it means the maximum you can measure is 3 cups of uncooked rice.

Second step: Wash your rice

Washing of the rice is mainly done for the brown rice but could advise being done on all types of rice. This step helps to remove excess starch as it can cause your food to stick onto the rice cooker, which can easily wear it out by forming scratches on the bowl.

Secondly, rice washing helps to remove any contaminants such as pesticides spread during the growing of rice. Some rice types, such as Basmati or jasmine and brown, research shows that they are best cooked not washed. During the washing step, you don’t have to soak/wash your rice for so long as you may lose some essential ingredients in the rice through the water.

Third step: Place in the bowl

After the wash-up, your rice is ready to be placed in the cooking bowl. Try to stir up the rice once placed in the bowl to prevent it from clinging on each other in one place. For those who want to add up more ingredients such as the seasoning and other recipes, this is the best time to do it up.

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Fourth step: measuring the water

Measuring water for rice

It’s time to measure up the water; this is going to depend on the type of rice you intend to cook because some types need more water than other types. Brown rice may need more water as compared to white rice. Measuring water, you need to use the measuring cup that comes with the appliance.

The manual always lists the amount of water required for the different rice depending on the rice cooker type, should mid to check it. Also, you can read the packaging on the rice flour to see the ratio of rice to water you could add. For my rice used in this tutorial, the rice package said 1 cup of rice: 1½ of water.

Sometimes the water measured is not enough to make the rice ready. It’s okay to measure a little water normally ½ cup to make your rice ready. Stir up to mix the water with the rice when the water is added.

Fifth step: Start Cooking

YouTube video

Having added water to the bowl with rice; place the cooking bowl into the rice cooker. NOTE: make sure the switch is not on.  Cover the lid adequately. Referring to your type of rice, choose the best cooking option on the rice cooker LCD for better quality. For simple rice cookers which just have one button just click on that button and start cooking. With the appliance correctly tuned on, you are free to continue doing other work as you wait for your meal.

Avoid opening the cooker while on unless it has turned to the warm function for safety purposes as it produces steam during the cooking process. With the automatic ones, once the food is ready, using the fuzzy logic, it will automatically turn to warm function. For those without the warm function, it will switch off itself. Once turned to the warm function, leave it to rest to cool down in the process, the amount of steam reduces.

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Sixth step: Serve the meal

plate of rice meal dish

Now your rice meal is ready and you are free to scoop it up from the bowl to your dinning dish. You are ready to serve a high-quality meal if the steps are well followed. Don’t forget the safety precautions as you pick up your rice from the dish; the bowl is hot, so use a lifting towel.

Seventh step: clean the rice cooker.

Never leave your rice cooker dirty as the food will stick on the bowl. If you leave it to stick, getting it off might be hard, hence forming scratches on the dish. Be mindful not to pour water into the socket on the cooking pot as it will rust the heater inside.

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Items Used in this tutorial on how to use rice cooker


If you have followed or intend to follow the steps I have outlined above on how to use a rice cooker, it is my hope that you have the best results of a delicious, mouth-watering dish. Leave a comment below if you liked these guidelines, or need to reach out to us in case if you need any further clarification on the steps.

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HOW TO USE RICE COOKER – Step by step instructions with Pictures
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