9 Best Kitchen Knives for Most Cooks [REVEALED 2021]

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The Kitchen knives. They are the most important tool in the kitchen. So, it would be best if you choose wisely. Preparing your meat, vegetables, solid food, or fruits, all require cutting either on a cutting board or in a utensil. For easy and amendable work in your kitchen, you need the best kitchen knives. However, there are a variety of blades on the market. Some knives grouped according to what they do, such as Chef’s knives, bread knives, pairing, slicing, and dicing or Utility knives. Others categorized according to where they originate from like Japanese, German, etc. Our editors have saved you the burden of running through the market, checking on the best kitchen KVIFE  cutlery.

Check out our 9 top picks for the best kitchen knives

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Best Overall: Wusthof Classic Cooks Knife

Editor’s choice: Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife

Best lightweight: Global G-2 Kitchen Knife

Best Value: Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Bolster

Workhorse Knife: Henckels International classic

Best bread knife: Mercer Culinary Renaissance

Excellent chopping knife: Utopia Kitchen Knife

Best utility: Shun DM0701 Classic

Best paring: Victorinox 4 Inch


The Four Types of Kitchen Knives

  1. Chef’s Knife: It is also known as a cook’s or French knife. It is usually curved for proper support when on the cutting board for a good cut out. Its range runs between 6 to 12 inches, with the 8 inches commonly preferred by many chefs. Use it to chop, cube, slice, dice vegetables, meats, and other food because it is a multipurpose knife.
  2. Paring Knife: Just like a peeler, the paring knife peels small foods, fruits as well as removes seeds from deep layers. They are usually small in size, with blades ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. Another more splendid feature about the pairing knives is their sharpness.
  3. Bread Knife: Using a regular knife to slice your bread will squash it. Try using the bread knife with a serrated blade; it will give you a soft slice of your bread. The bread knife blades range between 6 to 10 inches.
  4. Utility Knife: With a blade range of 7 to 10 inches, it falls between the pairing and the Chef’s knives, great for carving and slicing fewer volume vegetables and shallow meat or brisket.

So, What are the Best Kitchen Knives? – Our Full Reviews

#1 Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Chef's Knife

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Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife tops our list of the best kitchen knives because it ticks all the boxes for the requirements in a good kitchen knife. Wusthof Classic is a workhorse kind of knife ideal for all purposes in the kitchen. With Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, you are comfortable knowing that you own a knife that is great at doing all the kitchen purposes while providing a comfortable grip.  It can do tasks such as chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing your meat, vegetables, and fruits, e.g. for drying in a dehydrator. You won’t be bothered about having a different knife to do each of the purposes in your kitchen; the Wusthof-Classic does it all well. Its blade is 8inch long, with a 4.5inch handle, and it weighs an overall 8.5g with everything attached.

The classic knife has got a handle with a full Tang and triple-riveted, which increases on the strength of the blade, making it firm to do even the thicker jobs. Some handle materials quickly fade, but Wusthof Classic’s handle, curved out of synthetic polymer material, is easy to clean. More so, the handle features a bolster and finger guard to ensure your safety while you get through the rough work, even when the grip is wet.

Wusthof Chef's knife

Another feature that makes this knife a workhorse is the forged blade made from carbon stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust and tempered to 58-degree. Thanks to the “precision edge technology”, you are assured of a 20% sharper blade with twice the edge retention. The carbon stainless steel made of the knife also contributes to the blade’s sharpness.

The Wusthof-Classic is German made, and many chefs swear about the superiority of German-made cutlery and cutting utensils.

Pros of Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

  • It is a multipurpose knife.
  • Thicker blade and forged, it can handle almost all challenging tasks.

Cons of Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

  • Some people could find it a bit heavy.

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#2 Victorinox Fibrox Chefs Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife,

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This Swiss-made knife has been the admiration of many home cooks and expert chefs mainly because of its great benefits such as sharp cut and lightweight, which is accompanied with comfort while holding and using it. This budget-friendly knife will enable you to do the desired cutting work, but with a professional touch.

Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s kitchen Knives have got a tapered stainless steel edge that quickly and efficiently cuts all your chosen foods without any difficulty. With its Razor sharp and laser tested blade, the knife is made to be multipurpose. You can chop, mince, slice, and dice all kinds of food such as meat for your smoker, fruits, vegetables, with less energy.

The handle, made from thermoplastic elastomer, provides for a non-slip grip, even when the knife is wet. With a stainless-steel blade of 7.9 inches, the whole knife is light weighted and balanced for easy handling when using it.

The knife is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe, although I would highly recommend hand washing so as not to affect the edges due to the high pressures in the dishwasher.

Pros of Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife

  • Lightweight
  • Dish washable hence easy to clean
  • The handle material is comfortable and void to fading

Cons Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife

  • The only downside we could find on this knife was the thinner blade, which may make it less suitable for use on the formidable and thicker chops.

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#3 Global G-2 Kitchen Knife (8″)

Global Chef's Kitchen Knives

Global G-2 Chef’s Knife has been rated as our #3 on the best kitchen knives list because it will through your kitchen life without any hustle. Upon your first look at this knife, you may think the knife is heavy. However, it is too light and well balanced.

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Starting with the most critical kitchen knives’ feature, the edge, Global G-2 Chef’s knife’s edge is super sharp and straight, prominent, and guarantees you a longer sharpness even without having to sharpen it regularly. Its edge is just superior and easily seen, so for the hard cuts and chops, you will encounter no hardships at all.

It has a softer, stamped blade made of molybdenum with vanadium stainless steel which furthers the hardness of the knife to retain its sharpness while remaining soft for easy sharpening. With the addition of chromium, your knife stays longer without rusting and staining with the help of proper maintenance like storing it when dry.

The knife’s handle is built from stainless steel gives you greater comfort, easy cleaning, and dimpled for safe grip while in use. More so, the handle is small for those with smaller figures and hands, which allows comfortable use without slipping out of the hands.

Pros of Global G-2 Kitchen Knife (8″)

  • The blade material assures you resistance to rust and stains.
  • Dish washable, though handwashing is more recommended.

Cons of Global G-2 Kitchen Knife (8″)

  • The handle may get hot on hot cuts, slices, dices
  • May get Oxidized on storing it when wet, ensure drying it well before storage.

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#4 Mercer Culinary Genesis Kitchen knives

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Chef's Knife

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Are you looking for an affordable cutting knife but worth the buy? Then consider the Mercer Culinary Genesis knife, and you will have no regrets. This Germany made knife has got a precision blade forged of carbon steel, which much resists rust and corrosion, hence giving the knife a better strength and durability. These kitchen knives are multipurpose, which means you can use it for a variety of food preparation activities within your kitchen or outdoors. With it, chop vegetables, slice fruits, dice that meat within minutes, and with ease.

In addition to the blade is the tapered ground edge which adds on the knife’s stability, easy honing, lifetime sharpness, and no stagnant cutting and chopping while on your cutting board.

While holding that knife, the Ergonomic Santoprene handle assures you a superior consolation and a non-slip grip even when the knife or your hands are wet. Also, the handle has got a full tang adding to its strength suitable for handling thicker chopping tasks.

In between the handle and the blade is the bolster which adds on the knife’s strength and helps to balance it when you are having that chop on the board or table, while also ensuring your figure safety.

The knife is easy to clean and maintain. It is dishwasher safe, though, for the durability of the edge and blade surfaces, we recommend handwashing. During handwashing, avoid over-soaking the knife in water for long hours. And avoid using the stainless-steel sinks as they can lead to blade pitting.

Pros of Mercer Culinary Genesis

  • Affordable knife
  • Worthy the buy

Cons of Mercer Culinary Genesis

  • Needs Extra care for it to last longer without rusting.

#5 Henckels International Classic

J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Knives

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Though assembled in Spain, the Henckels International Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife houses a German blade which seems to be softer than the Japanese made knives. The knife is made of stainless steel, which makes it more powerful, and a forged blade that ensures durability and guarantees a sharp cut through the thicker meats such as your full turkey, chicken, and breastbone.

When this knife was compared with Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife, both knives tied-up in slicing the beef, cutting, and chopping your vegetables, and then Henckels International Classic Kitchen knife handle dicing the fruits with ease, hence, purchasing Henckel’s international classic kitchen knives would give you the comfort that you have one of the best kitchen knives available for today’s modern cooks.

For balance, safety, and comfort, the knife has got a bolster accompanied with a full tangle and ergonomic, traditional triple-rivet handle. The carbon stainless steel blade is stain and rust-resistant, allowing you to use your knife for quite some good years without it losing the sharpness.

With its excellent design, durability, and ease of use, every Chef or cook needs to own one to make your life in the kitchen easy. The Henckels international classic kitchen knives are dish washable, but hand washing is preferred to have it last longer in your store.


  • Thicker blade
  • The edge and blade are rust-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Flexible knife
  • It is a multipurpose knife

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#6 Mercer Culinary Renaissance 

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Knife


 Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia

and Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia kitchen knife

The two knives, Mercer Culinary Renaissance and Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia both of the same length that is 8 inches. The former features a forged blade with German carbon, resistant to stain and steel that is void of rust, corrosion, and discolouration. The later features Japanese carbon steel, also resistant to rust but softer than the German-made, though easy to sharpen than the Mercer-Culinary-Renaissance.

Above all, Mercer Culinary Renaissance kitchen knives retain their sharpness for longer than the Mercer-Culinary M22608 Millennia. The bolster seen on the former allows easy sharpening and balancing of the knife. The bolster is not seen on the Millennia, though it has a finger guard to protect them from accidental cuts.

Both the two knives have got an Ergonomic handle, but that of the Mercer Culinary Renaissance is riveted at three points and for Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia is textured ensuring a firm grip, no slipping off when held in your hands. But for both the knives, the durability of the handle without breaking down is assured.

It may be hard to choose the best of the two because both can perform all the activities you would want to carry out in the kitchen. Both can do dicing, chopping, and mincing. However, when it comes to retaining sharpness, I will go for the German-made and the thicker activities, but both remain the right products. When it comes to Mercer Culinary Millennia 7-Inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife, it exhibits the same features, and it is super sharp.

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#7 Utopia-Kitchen Knife

Utopia Kitchen Chef Knife

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Are you looking for a professional chopping knife? Which will ease your life while on your cutting board, here is the Utopia Kitchen Chef Knife. This kitchen knife is sharp and comfortable to handle. Its blade is made of Stainless steel with carbon.

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Due to the protective carbon in the blade, the knife’s edge is super sharp and retains its sharpness for some good time, making it last forever, free from rust, corrosion, and any fading points, even when used on those bamboo cutting boards.

For those stuck in perfection, this will do it for you by ensuring accurate cuts be it small such as for vegetables, fruits, or massive cuts for meat, melon it will do it for you.

With the full tang and bolster, there is proper balancing and sharp cutting when using this professional knife. The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene handle gives you a firm and comfortable grip while minimizing the finger cramps and aches even when used for long hours. Hence easy manoeuvring.

Though the knife is dish washable, better to do hand washing, after properly dry them before storage to protect its blades and edges.


  • Very sharp giving you a smooth cut
  • Very affordable
  • Steady knife


  • It is a broader knife for small fingers

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#8 Shun-DM0701 Classic Utility Knife

Shun Utility Classic Knife

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A utility knife is one that falls between the Chefs and a paring knife. The Shun DM0701 Classic is one of the versatile and ready to handle all kinds of work around your kitchen, whether small or large it’s an assured deal.

It is smaller than the Chef’s knives but bigger than the paring knives; however, it can handle all the jobs done by the two types. Shun knife is purely Handcrafted in Japan with a narrow and straight blade giving you a brief cut through your meat, vegetables, or fruits.

The knife’s blade consists of tungsten which eases the sharpening of the blade to a pretty sharp slight edge. With added strength and durability from the carbon and the Damascus steel gives the blade a great look while protecting it from rust and fading. It also helps to maintain its sharp edge for a more extended period minus sharpening.

This 6 inch-long shun utility knife weighs 6.4 ounces a bit lighter than most western knives. Unlike other Japanese brands, this one appears with a curved edge but not straight. Its smooth Pakka Wood handle is a composite of wood and plastic making it water-resistant, warp-resistant. Additionally, the handle is comfortable with a firm grip for all types of fingers.

This fantastic knife is capable of doing all the kinds of work you need to use, be it slicing, cutting, dicing, and chopping however due to the thin blade though sharp might not work great for the thicker duties such as cutting through the bone. Even though the shun kitchen knives are dishwashable, hand washing will be a great option to protect your blade and edge from the high pressures and aggressive detergents. Assured top pick for a fantastic utility knife


  • Very sharp,
  • Capable of retaining its sharp edge well,
  • It is a versatile knife


  • It may not be a good option for you for thicker cuts.

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#9 Victorinox 4-Inch paring knife

Victorinox 4-Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife

Victorinox again makes it our best pick for the paring knife. This knife will light up your kitchen, giving you an excellent time to cut stuff on that great chopping board. Besides, we would consider it as an affordable starter knife. With a blade length of 4 inches, this swiss made knife with a straight edge makes preparation work in your kitchen enjoyable. It makes precise work such as cutting and peeling and seeding fruits, preparing vegetables, slicing onions enjoyable.

Furthermore, its ground edge is tempered so as it can retain its sharpness longer, giving you a maximum cut with efficiency. You are assured of a firm grip and easy handling from the ergonomically designed Swiss Classic handle. In addition to the comfortable grip, this cutting utensil is also lightweight and durable, with a remarkable ability to manoeuvre even the hard, thicker jobs.

The stainless-steel material in the blade ensures a lifetime warranty, especially if you accompany it with the excellent care you give your kitchen knife.


  • Very light
  • Sharp
  • Well balanced


  • Some users complain about its lightness

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Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife [Consideration]

Parts of the kitchen knife

The material of The Blade

 The most significant competition of the knife’s material is between stainless steel and carbon steel. Everyone wondering whether to go with the former or later, here is the answer. Carbon steel knives have gotten their good and bad side, but they are highly known for being hard, making them wear resistance.

They are hard, making them brittle ideal to retain shape, but too much force placed on them will break. The downside of the carbon steel knives is that when exposed to oxygen, they easily rust; hence they require regular oiling before storage.

Considering the stainless-steel knives, they tend to be softer than the carbon steel ones making them less brittle. They are less prone to rust and corrosion, unlike carbon steel. Carbon steel kitchen knives favourably considered for both soft and hard cuts, while many chefs extensively believed the stainless-steel knives for smooth cuts. Other knives materials include laminated, ceramic, plastic, and many more. Check out the different parts of the kitchen knives.

Blade Construction

 These can be forged or stamped; forged blades formed by heating steel alloy to a high temperature. Pounded to shape while hot, blade heated above a critical temperature, then tempered to the required hardness. The stamped edge is directly cut out to shape from the cold steel, treated with heat for strength, grounded, polished, and sharpened.

Forged blades are known to be thicker and heavier than stamped blades, which makes them a darling to many users though also, stamped knives are thinner. Because of that, they are lighter, flexible, and more affordable. An adjustable blade is required to have your meat curved well without stains. As this kitchen knife is not heavy in your hands, however, for cumbersome work, a thicker blade will be great.


The commonly known types on the market have been either the German or Japanese make. German make knives tend to have thicker blades, heavy and sometimes with curved bellies allowing them to manoeuvre the thicker jobs like chopping, cutting, and slicing.

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The Japanese make lighter with thinner, straight edges but very sharp, more so very easy to sharpen when they lose their sharpness compared to the German make. However, the Japanese make are better for specific duties that do not require too much force.

Blade Length

Normally, blades for knives usually range from 8inch to 14 inches for most varieties. Always consider using a knife with a longer blade for deep fat meat or brisket. And a knife with a short blade for a small shallow brisket, then a short blade will do great.

Edge Design

 Another outstanding feature when having yourself a kitchen knife, should it be straight or serrated, curved, or recurved. Some knives are curved at the tip, and others are entirely straight, whereas others are serrated, also referred to as teethed.

The serrated knives are more aggressive for meat/fruits, which is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, suitable for vegetables such as cabbages. That is why they are considered sharper than straight knives. More so, they do not require regular sharpening. Their only downside is that they need professional equipment for sharpening.

Knife Handle

 The handle of the kitchen knives made either from wood, plastic, composite, or stainless steel. Wood handles provide a firm grip, light in weight, but they need extra care while cleaning them. When too much water enters them, they can quickly rot or break. Plastic handles are straightforward to look after, though less resistant to UV light, and they tend to be slippery in one’s hands.

Knives with composite handles as the material tend to very easy to look after. That is why they are usually considered more by chefs, more durable, and with a firm grip than other materials. Stainless steel handles are the most durable handles than the competitors; however, they tend to be slippery.

Commonly known knife brands


Victorinox Swiss Army company features many tools form Kitchen Knives which include Chef’s, pocket, bread knives to fragrances, watches, luggage, and travel gear. This Swiss-based company is a prominent manufacturer of pocket knives in the world. Victorinox Swiss Army kitchen knives are greatly wanted by the buyers because of their simple designs starting with portable handles made from solid materials and highly rated sharp blades and their wide availability on market.


Wüsthof’s brand as a kitchen knife made it number 1 on our list due to its amazing features and its versatile. It is on the knives which is the most recommended by amazon buyers and other online plus offline buyers.  This brand is German-based which makes not only kitchen knives but also shears, knife sharpeners, cutting boards and many other kitchen things. When you opt for a German knife, Wüsthof should be your #1 as it is pretty high-quality ranging from the handle material, blade material whether with a full or short tang.


The Global kitchen knives were first designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada, where he managed to produce a variety of these knives. They are CROMOVA 18 stainless steel blades which gives them an extreme sharpness and steeply ground edge able to manoeuvre everything that you put before it. The handle of the knife is comfortable with a firm grip and ensure perfect balance in the hand. It is Japan Knife being sold in over 65 countries being among those cutleries with the best kitchen knives, sharpeners, knives cases and other cutting tools.


Shun is the Best Japanese Kitchen Knife Brand due to its materials and construction, and blade patterns. On construction, shun uses stainless steel alloys with high-carbon content to form the sharp and long-lasting blades of its kitchen knives. The blades are not that smooth like other brands as they comprise of patterns mainly Damascus and hammered patterns and they beautify the knives as they stop food from sticking on the blades. Shun handles are usually D-shaped to provide control and stability. they are made from mainly PakkaWood, Tagayasan wood, or a textured synthetic polymer.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels International

This among the oldest brands across the kitchen knives territory. It is known for making high-quality knives with blades made from high-carbon, stainless steel with handles from synthetic materials or natural wood. To achieve an extraordinary sharpness and long-lasting edge retention J.A. Henckels uses an ice-hardening process called Friodur. When you go for this Brand you will realise it is among the best brands which make great Kitchen Knives.

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Choosing the best kitchen knife will make a massive improvement in the efficiency of your kitchen operation. All the most outstanding cuts of your food will highly depend on your knife and the cutting board. How the knife chops, slices, cuts, look up to features such as the blade material, edge. When it comes to thicker blades, the Germany knife, just like our #1 on the best list. Thinner and softer blades of the Japanese make, such as the shun classic knife, eases your sharpening process. Try to find out the main activities you use your knife for, then choose one from our list that best suits your work.

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9 Best Kitchen Knives for Most Cook’s [REVEALED 2020]
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