Best Oils for Deep Frying (HEALTHY, SAFE & Tested]

In this article, are reviewer share recommendations of the best oils for deep frying, to help you prepare a distinctive deep-fried dish. It is an inescapable fact that in all our frying activities, we can never escape using cooking oils. Be it a standard nonstick frying pan, home deep fryer, or commercial deep fryer, you need to have cooking oil by your side. For some reason, you find that fried foods are unhealthy, but this could be due to the type of cooking oils you use.

More so, some oils may lead to the soaking of your foods or others burn your foods before they are even ready and end up blaming the cooking pan. Yet it could be the oil you choose. The type of oil you choose can also contribute to the durability of your deep fryer because, if the oil easily gets burnt can indirectly burn your deep fryer hence reducing on its durability.

Therefore, I implore you to maintain the crispy and delicious taste of your fried foods by using the right cooking oils. This is the list of the trending top oils for deep fryer frying.

  1. Vegetable oil 
  2.  Coconut oil
  3. Canola Oil 
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Peanut oil
  6.  Olive Oil
  7. Grape seed oil 

Full reviews continue just after looking at the factors you should consider before you buy any oil for your deep frying needs.

 How to Choose the Best Oils for Deep Frying and Any Other Forms of Frying. (Factors to consider)

  1. Smoke Point.

Among the factors that will help you chose the best oil for deep frying, the oil’s “smoke point” easily ranks. The smoke point will determine whether you remove your food when it is ready cooked or you remove it before it is done cooking.

The smoke point is the temperature at which oil will produce smoke. Some oils start to burn and produce smoke at lower temperatures, whereas others produce smoke at very high temperatures.

Oils with a high smoke point are the best for deep frying. Using oil with a lower smoke point puts you at risk of burning the oil.

Because when the smoke point is reached, the oil catches fire which can even burn you. On top of that, the burnt oil loses its nutrients and passes on a non-pleasant flavor to your food.

Vegetable oils are known for having a smoke point of 440oF to 450oF which is ideal for deep frying.

  1. Deep- Frying Temperature

To have a crispy taste from your fried food, it should be deep-fried around 340°F and 375°F temperatures.

With lower temperatures, the food gets soaked up with oil, whereas, with higher temperatures, your food gets burnt before it has gotten ready.

Therefore, considering the deep-frying temperature, you need to buy the oil which can withstand that temperature.  This also ties in well with the smoke point if you chose, as discussed above.

If you will be deep frying with these high temperatures, then the oil’s smoke point should be higher than the deep-frying temperature.

  1. Type of Oil (Refined and light-colored oils)

When buying your deep-frying oil, also consider the degree of refinement. The degree of refinement defines how the level of impurities removed from the oil and also determines the ability of the oil to give off impurities, which can cause the oil to smoke.

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 Mostly, oils with a higher degree of refinement (refined oils) have a high smoke point.

 Light-colored oils have got a higher smoke point than the thicker oils because thicker oils tend to retain more impurities due to less refining.

  1. Cost

We always check the prices of any item we want to buy, the same applies when choosing the best oil to use for deep frying foods.

 When deep frying we tend to use a lot of oils such that all our chicken, French fries, fish, and other foods fully get soaked into the oil.

This means you will tend to spend a lot on buying that oil, always tries to look for an affordable oil but with a high smoke point.

Remember the oil can be re-used. You just have to let it cool down, filter it, and then store it well for the next use.

Luckily, some deep fryers such as the T-Fal deep fryer have got a filtration system with a storage case hence saving you from the burden of filtering you deep fryer oils.

5. Healthy or unhealthy oils

 Everyone cares about his or her health when it comes to what they put in their body. All liquid oils at room temperature are considered healthy. However, the degree of healthiness varies.

 To classify the healthiness of frying oil, we look at the content of saturated fats and unsaturated fats in the oil. Oils with higher levels of saturated and mono-unsaturated fats are considered healthy for deep frying and can remain stable even when overheated.

Oils with large amounts of polyunsaturated fats such as sunflower and safflower oil though with high smoke points are considered unhealthy.

The chemical bonds of these oils can react with oxygen and hence form harmful compounds when heated.

  1. Flavor

A masterpiece of the deep-fried dishes should be delicately prepared to retain and develop pleasant flavors. Hence, deep frying your foods and retaining their flavor should be a great deal for everyone.

Choose an Oil that will not try to give your foods a different flavor other than maintaining its original or enhance it.

Neutral oils such as vegetable oils will greatly do this for you.

What to do and not to do during deep-frying?

  • For some foods like cassava, you can smear it in batter or flour before frying for a crunchy exterior.
    Never use bare hands while placing your food in the hot oil. Always use a spoon or tongs to lower your food into the oil
    Lower in a little food into the oil to prevent it from sticking together.
    Wait for the food to dry up before removing it from the deep frying pan.
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Best oils for deep frying

  1. Vegetable Oil 

Vegetable oils such as soybean oil, have got many good quality properties suitable for deep frying. These properties include a high smoke point, ranging from 440oF to 450oF.

This smoke point can withstand the deep- frying temperatures of about 350oF. The oils are neutral so you are able to make crispy chicken, fish, and French fries’ while maintaining their pleasant flavor.

In addition, vegetable oils, such as the Amazon Brand Happy Belly Vegetable oil is quite affordable.

Moreover, Happy Belly Vegetable Oil has got all the above properties, made from soybeans and is ideal for all your deep frying.

 The oil is also cholesterol-free and contains 14g total fat per serving. This will serve you the right purpose.

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  1. Coconut oil

The coconut oil is known for its resistance to heat, meaning that it has got a reasonable smoke point.

Most oils when used for some time, their smoke point lowers.  However, with coconut oil, even after the high temperatures of deep frying, the quality of this oil is retained. Hence a good candidate for re-use.

It contains saturated fats that are healthy for your body as they do not react with oxygen to produce poisonous substances.

 You are assured of natural flavor when using coconut oil.

Viva-Naturals-Organic-Virgin-Coconut is one brand of coconut oil that is ideal for deep frying, cooking, and spreading.

With a high smoke point (350°F/177°C).

For those that bake, it is still perfect for you.

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3. Canola Oil

Our reviewers highly recommend this versatile oil as one of the best oils for frying operations in your kitchen.

Canola oil, because of its high smoke point, neutral flavor, and affordability, makes it a good choice for many chefs, novice cooks, and all foodies.

Its smoke point being 460oF, makes one of the best oils for deep frying, as it can handle the frying temperatures without it getting burnt.

Amazon Brand- Happy Belly is cholesterol-free and contains 14g of total saturated fat preserving which is healthy for your body.

It is a neutral oil hence does not overpass the natural flavor of your food.

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4. Avocado Oil 

Avocado oil, naturally extracted from avocado pulp, has got a very high smoke point which ranges between 480 and 520 F.

 One might think avocado oils are expensive. However, they are affordable. It has got a natural flavor that is great not only for deep frying but also good for salad dressing.

 La Tourangelle avocado oil is 100% natural oil which will help you make distinctive dishes indistinguishable from those by professional chefs.

Like I said for avocado oils, it great for your salads, on grilled meat, pasta, or a cheese plate, which will help you create memorable meals for your family.

avocado oil for deep frying

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5. Peanut oil  

Though peanut oil will always give you a taste of oil in your foods, when refined, it has got a high smoke point of about 450oF. This makes it a great oil for all your cooking and deep frying procedures.

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Happy Belly Peanut Oil suites all the factors you look at when choosing an oil for deep frying procedures. Hence, we recommend it as being great for your deep-frying, stir-frying recipes.

You have 0g of trans fat per serving ensuring you great health.

happy belly peanut deep frying oil

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  1. Olive Oil

With a smoke point of 375oF, not so high, but you can still cook with it.

It is one of the well-know healthy oils with several benefits beyond cooking.

The Amazon Fresh extra virgin oil is versatile for your kitchen. Use it for cooking, deep frying or carrying out your finishing procedures.

It is a 2- liter plastic bottle that will give you this great flavor.

It has got a distinguished flavor though, which can outshine your food’s natural flavor.

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  1. Grape seed oil 

Grape seed oils have got a high smoke point that will withstand the high temperatures for deep frying.

However, they have got high levels of polyunsaturated fats which make it easily oxidize when kept for a long period of time. More so if you keep the oil bottle open.

 I would advise you to use this oil within the shortest period.

With the La Tourangelle All Natural Artisanal Marinating Grapeseed oil, you are assured of high-quality meals that retained their natural flavor.

 Forget about the deep frying oils that deposit their overwhelming flavors and make you forget your food flavor. La Tourangelle All Natural Artisanal Marinating Grapeseed oil will not outshine the food’s natural flavors. So make your crispy dishes with peace of mind.

With a very high smoke point, you can deep fry until your food is ready.

It is also a gluten-free oil.

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Other Oils for deep frying

Sunflower oil

Safflower Oil


Using the best for deep frying will contribute much to the final taste and appeal of your prepared dish. Having an oil, whose flavour does not outshine the natural flavors of the food being fried (but that maintains them) would be a great oil. The oils reviewed above are not only best for deep fryers, but they are also great for other frying procedures. So chose one and you will prepare your food with peace of mind and confidence. Also, read our article on the advantages of a deep fryer, the best wood for smoking turkey   and how to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving

Best oils for deep frying (HEALTHY, SAFE & Tested]
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