Top Picks: The Best Kitchen Shears and Scissors – [The 8 Most Versatile]

Best kitchen shears ans scissors

I guess everyone will need to have the best kitchen shears and scissors to make your kitchen duties such as snipping herbs, cutting parchment, spatchcocking chickens, opening bottles a walkover. Kitchen shears, occasionally mistaken to be the usual scissors, are kitchen tools intended to cut and trim foods. They can be used for cutting and trimming foods, most especially meats, chicken, and herbs. I have seen most of my friends in Asia use the Kitchen shears to cut through their mostly prepared crabs.

Most Kitchen shears come together with the knife sets, as part of the knives. However, since they come in different shapes and serve different purposes, you can acquire them separately. If you have ever attended any BQQ gathering, the shears never miss on these events as they help the group to have their meat and turkey cut through. A mere knife can do it, but sometimes it fails when it comes to the thick bones which require a firm grip. But the best kitchen shears never fails.

Finding the best kitchen shears and scissors for your home may get hectic, but our editors bring you the best as chosen through rigorous and careful research and testing.  

Our Top Picks

Overall Kitchen shears: OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors

Editor’s Pick: Shun Multi-Purpose Shear

For Extraordinary cuts: MARICO

Best Versatile Kitchen Shears: Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears

Best set of Kitchen Shears: Shun 2-Piece Shears Set

Most Sharp Kitchen Shears: Victorinox kitchen shears

Best home scissors:  iBayam 8″ Multipurpose Scissors

Best Home Kitchen Shears: Zwilling J Henckels Kitchen Shears

The products reviewed below were independently selected by our editors. However, we earn an affiliate commission when you chose to buy something through our links.

Our Top Picks of The Best Kitchen Shears. [The PERFECT 8 For Your Kitchen]

#1 OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors   Buy from Amazon

Our top pick, OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors are incredibly comfortable when held in your hands, even when having to cut through the whole chicken. With the wide handles, both the small and larger fingers fit in well, giving you less pressure from the handles towards them.

While using OXO good grips while holding your Oven mitts to cut herbs, chicken and meats, you feel less pressure on your fingers. This is because the cushioning pads on the grip absorb pressure from the handles directed towards the fingers. It also prevents slippering off the fingers from the hands even when the pivot is oiled.

With these shears, you can cut through all kinds of foods, both hard and soft. OXO kitchen shears feature with one micro-serrated blade that firmly grips onto slippery food as raw chicken and the non-serrated blade penetrates through the chicken. The blades of the OXO-Grips scissors are made of Stainless steel. This is hard enough to cut through all kinds of food, including hard meat bones, chicken, vegetables, etc.

The shears also have a herbs stripper near the pivot. This will help you to effectively remove fresh herbs from the vegetable stem.

Cleaning and storage of the shears if very easy as the blades can be separated and cleaned well. Even though they are our top pick of the best kitchen shears, OXO good grips kitchen shears are reasonably priced, making them affordable.

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#2 Shun Multi-Purpose Shear

Shun Multi Purpose Shears, BUY ON AMAZON

Shun Multi-Purpose Shears takes the second spot on our list of best kitchen shears. These stainless-steel beauties are designed to be durable and perform a variety of tasks in your kitchen.

The shears have plastic handles which make it comfortable and safe for use. With Shun kitchen shears, you are assured of a firm and comfortable grip. This allows you to cut through even the wet and bulk chicken with great ease and speed. Compared with our top pick, OXO, which is shorter, the shun kitchen shears are with a slightly longer blade, which allows you to cut through large pieces continuously in a short time.

Being a multipurpose kitchen shear, it contains a nutcracker, a jar opener, a bone notch, a lid lifter, and two screwdriver tips. With these features, you can open your sodas, wine, beer, nut bottles and tins with ease and not worrying about the blades separating.

 Like the OXO shears, Shun kitchen shear blades can be quickly and easily separated for cleaning and sharpening. Similarly, putting them together after use is a walkover. Regardless of the price, this shuns Multipurpose kitchen shear will let you enjoy your cuts without having to waste a lot of time in the kitchen.

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MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears and Multi Purpose Scissors  

If you are yearning for extraordinary cuts and other procedures within your kitchen, the MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shear is our recommendation for you. These shears give you extremely sharp blades, made of stainless steel, which delivers highly precise cuts while using less energy.

Hence, with the sharp blades on these kitchen shears and scissors, you can easily get through the different kitchen activities such as butterflying poultry, cutting meat, chicken, poultry bones, vegetables, fish and herbs.  

You are not only limited to the kitchen use, you can also still use the Mairico kitchen purpose scissor for outdoor activities. These may include cutting cardboards, papers, hard plastic of product boxes, trimming rose stems. For extra activities like opening soda bottles for your Thanksgiving Day, the shear bears a nutshell and cracker opener, hence you do not have to spend on buying an individual bottle opener.

While holding the shears, they feel comfortable, and light, allowing you to use them for so long without straining your fingers. In addition, the design of the handles also gives you a firm, and non-slippery contact even on the wet chicken.

Furthermore, even for the wet foods, the stainless-steel blades assure you no rust or corrosion, allowing them to stay for long without replacement.

 These shears are so easy to clean. For time-saving during cleaning, drop in your dishwasher; however, for a long last hand washing would be the best option.

More about the Shear 

The other fantastic thing about these shears is that if you buy them (through the link below)  you are assured of a full refund in case it does not meet your expectations. Even with the refund guarantee, we are confident that these shears will give you an enjoyable, buttery smooth feel for each cut of meat, skin, or fat with this shear.

The turn off associated with this kitchen shear is that it cannot be separated to use each blade independently.

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#4 Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears

Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears BUY NOW

Wüsthof makes some of the best kitchen shears. And with Wüsthof 5558 you will not be disappointed. These Wüsthof kitchen shears are so brief, in that you can pack it in your handbag and carry with you to any party or thanksgiving. However, its briefness does not stop the blades from being sharp and giving a high degree of manoeuvrability.

 The pairs feature a high-quality, high-carbon stainless steel blade, with a bone notch synthetic handle, which is comfortable with no sliding even on wet cuts. More so, the Wusthof pair can be used as a jar opener because it bears steel tooth inserts in the middle of the handles.

Even though the oval-shaped opening in between the handles where you place your fingers is not that large, (so you must place a few fingers), this does not stop its excellent work. Whether you are right or left-handed, you can use this kitchen shear well, forget about those shears which are one-handed.

For all the various activities, be it in the kitchen or outdoor ones the Wusthof come-a-part kitchen shears are suitable for all such as snipping flowers, strings, cloth, or herbs. As they are stated in their name, come apart shears, during cleaning and sharpening the blades can be separated, making it easy to manage during cleaning and drying.

Let the Wusthof Kitchen Shears be part of your kitchen.

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#5 Shun 2-Piece Shears Set

Shun 2-Piece Shears Set, Model DMS7000 Buy on Amazon

Again, Fifth on our best kitchen shears and scissors list is a Shun model. Have your meats, vegetables, flowers and herbs trimmed neatly with these pair of Japanese kitchen shears.

This one comprises of two shears where one is smaller and the other larger. Both the blades of the two pairs are made from high-carbon, molybdenum-vanadium, stainless steel. These materials give the shears have a long life, razor-sharp, reliable, durable and comfortable usability.

For an assured sturdy work while cutting through chicken or turkey, this shear is a great deal. The small shear comprises of a built-in notch which simplifies your life while cutting through flower stems, thin poultry bones and herbs.

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Some customers have complained that while using the shears, they might feel uncomfortable. This is not a deal-breaker as it might be because of the unfirm screw. You just adjust the blades to have a pleasant cut through that thick poultry bone.

Furthermore, you can use both the Kitchen shears on whether right or left-handed.

Cleaning of the blades is so easy. To have your blades and handles cleaned well, the edges of the shears can be separated, enabling you to have all the food remains captured in between entirely removed.

The shears may cost more than the other usual kitchen shears. However, the cut you receive from them will be worth the pay.

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#6 R.H. Forschner by Victorinox Kitchen Shear

R.H. Forschner by Victorinox Kitchen Shear

Have your herbs, poultry, meat, and other foods well prepared without failure. The supreme sharpness of these kitchen shears will ensure speedy and accurate work in your kitchen.

This is a german machine by Victorinox Kitchen shears. R.H. Forschner by gives you long-lasting blades, made of high carbon stainless steel which makes every penny you spend on it worth it.

These blades can be sharpened for quite many times but remain intact. Also, the sharp edges do remain for a long time but also this will depend on what you cut through.

 Besides the blades, there are the built-in Bottle Opener and nutshell Opener which can be an added use when you get yourself this kitchen shear.

Enjoy comfort even when you must have a lot to be accomplished, which might require some extended time. The polypropylene handles have you covered when it comes to safety and comfortability.

However much the blades are long-lasting, some customers have had complaints that the blades quickly rust. So taking good care of these pairs should be considered. This is if you want to have them stay longer without the issues of rusting.

The Victorinox knife has always been a standout compared to other types, but also its kitchen shears will be the same as well.

These are incredibly sharp shears so have them away from kids reach and while cleaning. Additionally, they are not separable. Therefore, handle them well as they might hurt you.

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#7 iBayam 8″ Multipurpose Scissors

iBayam 8- inch Multipurpose Scissors Buy From Amazon

This one is completely a scissor. Rarely used for food cutting duties, but ideal for cutting burlap, paper, cardboard, light line, fabric, tape, photos, and other related cutting purposes within the kitchen and outdoors. The reason why it is called a multipurpose scissor is that it is used in most of the departments which require cutting and sewing. This can be in Handcraft Workshop, bathroom, dresser, kitchen, etc.

Sharp blades due to the maximum friction allow you to make precise cuts with ultimate control while letting you have comfortable hold. The set comprises of three straight handled scissors whose blades are long enough and three times harder than standard stainless steel. This is sufficient to penetrate any material thickness.

 Choosing these scissors will give you a Convenient, sturdy, and durable stay, having them for quite some long and forever use. The scissors can come apart during cleaning, and they are dish washable hence giving you a thorough cleanup.

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#8 Zwilling J Henckels Kitchen Shears

Zwilling J Henckels Buy on Amazon

Be it snipping herbs, cutting foods, or safely opening packages, the Zwilling J Henckels Kitchen Shears is a good choice to purchase and use. The high quality of all the cutting cookware from Zwilling’s is attributed to the cutting edge technology. Compared with our top picks, these shears have one straight and one serrated blade, which gives you a firm grip and hence easy cutting – Even when what you are cutting is extremely thick.

Besides, the polypropylene handles ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and non-harming grip while holding the shears in your hands.


Cannot be separated for convenient cleanup. However, with some added time you can clean them well.

The sharpness of these kitchen shears will pull you back to have them in your kitchen. They are worth every penny.

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Kitchen Shears and Kitchen Scissors Buying Guide

Cutting Poultry

  1. Shears Vs. Scissors

Do you know the difference between the shears and scissors? Don’t worry if you don’t, because you aren’t alone. Not long ago, I was also like you. It is hard to differentiate, but I will fully tell you the difference between these two.

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Kitchen Scissors

Scissors are known to be multipurpose. They are used for cutting clothes for tailors, paper cutting both in the kitchen and homes. It has two small blades of less than six inches and to use them for cutting you must pull the handles to join up the edges and cut through those vegetables.

Kitchen Shears

For kitchen shears, they are usually used to cut through turkey, raw and cooked chicken, vegetables and many more foods. They have wholes in the handles, with one of them being more extensive for the longer handle, and the one for the short handle is smaller. The blades of kitchen shears are longer than 6 inches. Kitchen shears work more like the kitchen knife, but for it without a cutting board, you can still use the shear. Even with many kitchen shears on the market, it takes a good kitchen shear to cut through that boiled meat or chicken. More so, the best kitchen shears and scissors can be used to open bottle lids.

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                            How to use a chef’s knife properly and safely 

  1. Features of The Kitchen Shears

Blade’s pivot point:

The blade’s pivot point, sometimes known as a fulcrum, is located far away from the handle not as seen from with the scissors. With this location, it makes the shears stronger, allowing you the user to have a better cutting force. This also enables you to cut through thick, and greasy foods.

Blades and Handles

The blades of the kitchen shears are longer and have a larger bottom handle. This helps to give you a comfortable grip. Additionally, the blades can be separated during cleaning and drying. This offers proper cleaning and proper drying, which prevents rusting and remains of any food remnants. Some edges of the best kitchen shears and scissors are designed with riveted portions for bottle opening, screw cap, jar openers and nut or shellfish crackers.

Sturdy Handles.

For comfort and sturdy work, the handles should be wide enough to apply that force. This minimises hand fatigue or bruising for the fingers of the users.

  1. Care and Maintenance of Kitchen Shears

  • Most of the kitchen shears are dish washable. Opting for hand washing is the best option if you want to have all the food remains removed. Since the blades are detachable, then hand washing is made easy. Again, for easy sharpening and having the sharpened blades to stay for so long, the stainless-steel kitchen shears are easy to sharpen.
  • For the smooth working of your Kitchen shears, It is recommended to regularly apply a little oil. It is applied on the pivot screw, most especially for an adjustable one.
  • A whetstone is used to sharpen the non-serrated edge, and the serrated edge is honed with a professional sharpener. While sharpening the serrated blades, these are handled individually.

Concluding remarks.  

When looking for the best kitchen shears and scissors, the most prominent feature to look for in a kitchen shear is comfortability in your hands. Wide and oval-shaped finger bows are seen and commented on as being more comfortable than other handle designs.

Another thing is the handle material, ensure that it can absorb all the pressure from the shear while cutting. This ensures that your fingers are not hurt at all. With all the available the best kitchen shears and the scissors on the market. You will not go wrong with our list above. Pick up one depending on your budget and needs, then you will enjoy the numerous benefits. And duties you will perform in the kitchen and beyond with your shears. Also readout on the knife handle materials

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