Top Best Cutting Boards – Wood, Plastic, Bamboo [BEST OF ALL!]

The best cutting board

In the kitchen and many food preparations activities, a cutting board is as essential as a chef’s knife. Most of the foods we do prepare in our kitchens need chopping – from meats to vegetables, or ingredients, before flipping them over that non-stick pan.  It clearly shows that the need for a cutting board can never be escaped. However, the right cutting board makes all the difference. To have all your meat cut well e.g ready for the smoker in the required pieces, besides your professional knives, the quality of the chopping board matters. Having the best knife does not guarantee you a great cut, but combined with the best cutting board,  you are guaranteed to make the best chops you desire.

Mostly, the best cutting boards come in materials such as wood, bamboo, or plastic,  although there are other cutting board materials such as rubber, glass which you can find on the market. Choosing the right chopping board may seem tedious, but never mind our team has researched to save you the time. In the next chapters, we present you with the cutting boards that have made it to our “best of” list.

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Here Are Our Top 7 Picks

Best plastic cutting board: OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

Best bamboo cutting board: Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Most versatile chopping board:  HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set)

Best cutting board material: John-Boos-R03-Reversible-Cutting

Best large cutting board: Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board/Serving Tray

Most lightweight board: Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board

Best budget-friendly cutting board: Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board


Best Cutting Board Material to Buy

What is the best cutting board material that I should buy?

Plastic or wood

This is a common question to everyone that ventures into buying a cutting board. It is paramount that the question is answered. The decision depends on the cons and pros of the given cutting board material, some materials can be good for meat but then when it comes to vegetables, not 100% recommended. Some can be easily cleanable while others, cleaning is a nightmare.

Now let us look at the different cutting board materials, including their pros and downsides so that you can decide which material would be ideal for your kitchen needs.

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic boards are usually referred to as PE (polyethylene) cutting boards because plastic is a polymer composite. Many people have ranked these plastic boards as the best option for chopping boards. The reason is that they are dish washable, easy to clean, they don’t retain smells because they easily dry up. However, this is normally within a short time period.

In the long run, due to cuts on the board that may be made by sharp knives, plastic cutting boards can become habitats for germs originating from the cuts of the knives so, on cleaning, the germs cannot be fully removed out of the cuts completely. When you chose to buy a plastic-based cutting board for meat or other foods, you can keep safe from the fear of germs by regular replacement of the plastic boards.

Away from the above downside, plastic boards are affordable and easy to clean in the short run. They are also slim, so less space for storage. This cutting board material is gentle on knives still more, they would be a good option for cutting vegetables and also bread but not meat.

Wood Cutting Board

Woodcutting boards are all over the market, both the soft and the hard types, but mostly the hardwood is darling to many people as it does a great job during chopping. Woodcutting boards are steady on the table, i.e for cases of jumping all over the table.

The commonest hardwood type on the market is maple, Oak, (which is highly rated due to their ability to resist cuts from the chef’s knife, which makes them last for some good time without creating homes for bacteria).

Furthermore, these wood cutting boards are smooth on your blade than other board materials such as plastics. Some people may think that wood cutting boards absorb the juice from the meat, that they are porous. Okay, softwoods can do that, but hardwood cannot do that because its pores are tightly grained.

Though Oak is a hardwood type, it has the downside of large pores, so always consider other kinds of wood maple and Teak. After a thorough cleaning of your wood board, always consider hanging it to let all the liquid out. Additionally, use some oils on its surface, clean the surface down with fine-grit sandpaper, and then wash the butcher block thoroughly. 

Bamboo cutting board

Hope am not alone who used to think that bamboo is wood, but it is not, it is grass but with a hard surface that easily gets harsh to your knife. Though bamboo is super hard, it presents itself as a good option for cutting board material, replacing wood and plastic.

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Given the hard density of bamboo, acquired from it not being porous, capable of withstanding and retaining water. As a result, bamboo will not warp or crack as easily as normal wood. Its non-porous surface hinders bacteria from hatching, hence highly sanitary and maintainable. Above all, bamboo chopping boards are a renewable resource, which means durability. 

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The Best Cutting Boards Reviewed – Chopping Blocks, Chopping Boards (Plastic, Wood, And Bamboo)

#1 OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

  OXO Good Grips BUY On Amazon

I mean, who does not like something that is durable and does not stain? The OXO utility chopping board will leave you with no regrets, but to continue using it. The board grips firmly on the countertop during the cutting process. It does not jump from one position to another, facilitated by the rubber edges. It is perfect for large meals because of its large cutting area of 10.39-in x 14.78-in.

 You can use both sides of the board, and because they are both non-porous, you can forget about the odors from the bacteria and the retained juices. The softness of the OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board will not dull your knives and allow easy sliding of the cut vegetables and meat.

Tampered edges of the board give a firm grip to your fingers when moving it from one place to another more, especially when used as a serving plate. With an integrated drip-catcher, it holds up the juices from the fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, oranges, hence keeping your countertop from getting messed up.

 Still, about the drip catcher on collecting the juices after using the board, it is very easy to pour the juices away in case you do not want to use it. Just pour it through any of the corners. Cleaning the chopping block is just a walkover. Just throw it in the dishwasher, and all will be done. Through, it might get big for some dishwashers.


  • Large cutting area.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Does not stain.
  • Does not retain odors.


  • Some customers complain about the shallow juice catcher.

Click to see customer reviews, price on Amazon.

#2 Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

  Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Chopping BUY On Amazon

Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board is known to be a heavy-duty chopping board, giving you the brilliant look of you chopped vegetables, meat, or bread without making your knives brunt. The cutting board gives you a lifetime stay as it will not crack, separate, warp, or split even after using it for months on end.

It features enough space for cutting all kinds of foods, be it the full turkey for smoking, chicken, or pork butts. The board has deep juice catching grooves to hold up the liquids and sauce from the food, eliminating any mess from the kitchen.

Bamboo, being a natural grass, poses no threat of toxins or any chemicals, ensuring you and your family members are free from any related health issues. With the tough and hard surface of the bamboo, this butcher block is not too heavy to manage, steady on the countertop while cutting, and does not stain and is non-porous, hence smell or odor resistant.

The board is also easy to clean. To clean the board, grab a scrub to have the surface clean, and hang it to dry. Remember to use the cutting board oil to season the board when it is dry.


  • Enough space.
  • Pure natural board with no chemicals.
  • Grips firm to the top.


  • Because of the large size, it gets heavy but still great to use.

Click to see customer reviews, price on Amazon.

#3 HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set)

HOMWE Kitchen Plastic Board  BUY On Amazon

When one looks at the HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board, he /she may think that these are just trays for serving food and tea, but no, these are cutting boards, which as well could be used as serving trays. Are you tired of the deep cuts which are characteristic of other plastic cutting boards? Then Homwe kitchen cutting board is your solution. The HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board has got a thick, heavy-duty plastic. It is BPA-free, guaranteeing you a clean and stain-free surface for every meal.

On ordering this set, you receive three boards, the small, medium, and the large ones, which serve purposes like cutting the meat, vegetables, bread, as well as used for serving on the dining table. The reversible cutting boards have got juice grooves to hold up any juice or liquid from the foods being chopped, protecting you from spilling over the countertop, saving you the burden of cleaning up.

 Holding up the board firmly while moving it from one area to another, use the non-slip handles which are on both sides of the board. Not only being thick, but these cutting boards are also non-porous, ultra-strong, and gentle on cutlery and knives. This increases its durability. The boards are also rugged, which helps to resist heavy chopping from sharp knives.

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 No retaining stains and odors are expected hence contributing to the long-term use. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Boards are 100% dish washable no splintering, cracking, or peeling off. Have this set to serve all your purposes.


  • Gentle appearance
  • Lightweight cutting board
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable


  • In the dishwashers, avoid using high temperatures.
  • Not possible to rest horizontally only vertically, but this is not a great concern.

Click Here to Buy and read more reviews on Amazon

#4 John-Boos-R03-Reversible Cutting Board

John-Boos-R03-Reversible-Cutting Board BUY On Amazon

Maple is one of the prominent woods for wood cutting boards due to its great characteristics. Marple’s goodness is shared in the John-Boos-R03-Reversible-Cutting board. Measuring 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick, it provides enough space for chopping all kinds of foods. John Boos has been in existence since 1887, giving its customers all the quality they need when it comes to their products.

 Both sides of this maple cutting board can be used as a cutting surface with one full flat and the other side having juice grooves to collect out any juices, catch sticky, or acidic liquid drippings from your food. For easy cleaning and lifting, the board has got integrated handgrips on each end.

 The downside of this chopping board is that it absorbs juices and liquids when the food is left on for a long-time. Hence, endeavor to minimize the cutting time and cleaning time and ensure that this maple wood dries up so fast.

 According to the Mechanical Science and Engineering Research Study, 2019, U of Illinois, maple wood contains naturally occurring enzymes that kill bacteria. But still the application of Boos Oil and cream provide an additional fence to bacteria by reducing fluid interaction time with the board.


  • Deep grooves to catch any drips.


  • Regular oiling may get costly.
  • Absorbs liquids when left in water for a long time.
  • Requires hand washing, as it is not safe with the dishwasher. However, don’t let this put you off of this wonderful board because it can be easily cleaned with just a scrub.

Click to see customer reviews, price on Amazon.

#5 Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board/Serving Tray



  BUY On Amazon Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards

This large Bamboo is not only a cutting board, but also a Cheese and Charcuterie board, plus a serving board. Features extra compartments which eliminate some containers in your kitchen giving you enough working space.

Furthermore, the large bamboo cutting board is not a scare for your knives and forget about tearing your cutlery though bamboo is known for being tough.  With the availability of handles, this keeps your board sturdy and free from fall when carrying it, hence lasting for years.

In addition to the built-in compartments, the board has got a built-in drip groove that holds juice from meat, fruits, or vegetables protecting the counter from getting messed up. For your perfect cooking routine, the board is eco-friendly without harmful chemicals, BPA free and rigid to liquid absorption hence hindering bacteria from making it their home. 

Prepare and serve your food using the same bamboo cutting board. Remember to take good care of this wooden cutting board using the oils and creams.


  • Extra space for cutting and serving food
  • It is not only a cutting board but also a serving board.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • 3built-in compartments.


  • It can get heavy.
  • Regular oiling of the wood.
  • Not too smooth to slide over your food but still works great.

Click Here To Buy It on Amazon

#6 Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board

Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board BUY on Amazon

Unlike other wooden cutting boards, the Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board is dish washable capable of withstanding temperatures up to 350 Degree F though above that it will not be able.

The board is made of a dense, non-porous wood fiber that will not be a habitat for bacteria as it does not absorb and retain any liquid. Because of its smooth surface with sticky feet, it allows one to rest the board firmly on the countertop without sliding off, and getting the copped food is easy. More so, the smooth surface will not dull your knives.

A generous juice groove to catch juices leaves your table surface as you found it, no spills. It is a lightweight cutting board easy to maneuver and carrying it from one place to another. You can use both sides of the board.


  • Very light
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Smooth surface.


  • May stink on the first on a second wash when still wet, but when it gets used, it gets okay.
  • A bit pricey than other similar boards.

Click to see customer reviews, price on Amazon.

#7 Cooler Kitchen Store Plastic Cutting Board

Cooler Kitchen Store Plastic Board

Let it not just be having a plastic board, but should be able to resist the sharp cuts from the knives and still do not scare away the blades by making them brunt. Let me introduce to you the plastic Cutting Board by the cooler kitchen store. These cutting boards are extra-thick, with textured gripped bottom to keep firm on the countertop when cutting. It does not warp upon placing it in the dishwasher. Plus, it is friendly to the knives.

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 To get the ingredients onto your non-stick pan, the board if flexible, you can fold it and pour it in the pan. The plastic cutting board is naturally non-stick and non­toxic, BPA FREE also non-porous that hinders the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

Their size and flexibility allow you to use less space to store them. The boards feature in four colors which include blue, yellow, red, and green capable of being used as serving mats.

Do not forget that they are dish washable, so the cleaning process is just a walkover with this affordable, durable, and lightweight cutting board.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Flexible so easy to use.
  • Very light.
  • Dish washable.


  • Chances may get high to slip over the countertop.
  • No juice Grooves.

Click Here to Buy on Amazon

Cutting Board Buying Guide – What To Look For in a Good       Chopping Board


When cutting you meat or vegetables, you need something that stays firm on the table surface. Buy a cutting board that will remain stable on the table such that you do not risk your cuttings from falling.

A cutting board with rubberized feet or suction cups, provide extra security while chopping or cutting. More so, the inclusion of Handles provides portability in moving the board from one place to another. It highly helps in times they are used as serving plates.


Consider choosing a surface that is smooth to allow sliding off the chopped meat or vegetables easily but hard to resist the sharp cuts from the knives. However, there are surfaces that are rough but still resist the hard cuts though they have difficulty in sliding off the meat and vegetables.

Smell Resistance

The cutting board smell normally is as a result of juices that come out of the food you cut on it, porous materials retain these juices, and when not cleaned well they will produce bacteria that generate the smell. Plastic cutting boards can be smell resistance in the short run, but in the long run, they can be compromised. For the wood cutting boards go for those that are non-porous and follow the right cleaning process.

Stain Resistance/Easy to clean

When choosing a cutting board always opt for the easiest material to clean, plastic cutting boards are too easy to clean as most of them are dish washable but this might be dangerous to some due to the high pressure which leads to their warping. The hardwood cutting board are normally cleaned by hand washing, scrubbing them when done well then hang them for drying. Smooth-surfaced wood is easy to clean than the roughed one, so, bamboo wood cutting boards would be a great option.


The size of your cutting board normally is varied according to your table where it sits. How big your family is, having a large cutting board that does not even fit your countertop makes it unstable when cutting the food, however for enough space and bigger family the bigger sized cutting board will be a great option. I would recommend having two cutting boards of different sizes, the smaller one for vegetables and the bigger one for your meat. These can also serve as serving plates on the dinning.

Features of the cutting board

Some cutting boards have got some extra amazing features such as trenches to hold up the juices from like the tomatoes and meat. Additionally, some have curved spaces where you can place the already cut food and handles for easy carrying of the board.


Next to a chef’s knife, a cutting board is a necessity in any kitchen. It serves many purposes, in addition to keeping your fingers safe from getting cut by the sharp knife. However, you should not choose “Just any cutting board” you come across. Choosing the right cutting board makes all the difference. In this article, we have reviewed the best cutting boards which would be a great addition to your kitchen. In addition, we have gone over the materials that make good chopping boards. We have looked at the wood cutting boards, the plastic cutting boards as well as a bamboo cutting board. Though the high-end cutting boards can be multipurpose check out on the listed boards, I guess you will never go wrong with the bamboo or maple cutting board

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