5 Best Alternatives to Wood Cutting Boards

alternatives to wood cutting boards

You have several alternatives to wood cutting boards when cutting meat, fruits, and vegetables or cheese. Many people don’t realize the value of wood cutting boards, and many who do are hesitant to replace their wood boards because of the cost of their boards. With so many advantages of wood cutting boards, it is easy to see why some people may not want to replace their boards, but there are so many others out there that find them less appealing and would gladly substitute them for other alternatives.

Woodcutting boards, especially those made of hardwood, are a darling to many chefs and ordinary cooks because they tend to be steady on the countertop (preparation table.  Besides, unlike other cutting board materials like the plastics, wooden cutting boards also tend to be friendly (smooth) to your cutting knife blade. They keep your knives sharp, rarely destroying the knife’s cutting edge whenever you use it.

However, some people dislike wooden boards because of the difficulty they face when sanitizing them. For that reason, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to look for an alternative to using a wooden cutting board during food preparation. In this article, I share with you four creative alternatives to wooden cutting boards, whether preparing large or small amounts of food.  Before I begin, be sure to check out our article on the top best cutting boards including wood, plastic bamboo etc.[BEST OF ALL!].

Alternative #1: Using plastic cutting boards

Image by Didriks

When looking for an alternative to wooden cutting boards, look no further than plastic. This is an excellent alternative to wood cutting boards to prepare your food, e.g to dry in a food dehydrator. There are many different types of plastic boards on the web, and they will give you the benefit of durability and price, yet they will give you the same quality and functionality as wood cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards are considered the best alternative because of several reasons which include being lightweight, their ease of cleaning (since most are dishwashable) and the speed at which they dry up which makes them not retain smells.

However, when you buy a plastic cutting board as an alternative to a wooden cutting board, don’t think it will always be rainbows and unicorns. With continued usage, plastic boards will develop knife marks. Trouble will begin when you start getting stains in these knife marks. Many people complain about the difficulties of extracting the stains from these knife marks. No amount of pure bleach, nor boiling water or scrubbing would remove the stains from the knife marks made on their plastic cutting boards. The board could be clean, but the appearance may not be that appealing. Also read: 6 types of cutting board materials – The best with pros and cons

So, what are the other alternatives to wooden cutting boards?

 2nd Alternative to wood cutting boards: Glass and Ceramic cutting boards

ceramic cutting board
Image by grannieskitchen

Also, some good alternatives to wood cutting boards are glass boards. Glass boards are another durable alternative to wood cutting boards. They come in a number of different sizes and colors. Glass boards are ideal if you are looking for a more affordable alternative to wood cutting boards because they are also very durable and have the advantage of being easy to clean and keep clean. Ceramic cutting boards would also be an excellent alternative to wooden cutting boards, especially if you don’t intend to use them regularly (if you don’t prepare food frequently). This is because it is too difficult for the knives to glide because of the ceramic’s surface. However, in terms of sanitation, ceramic chopping boards are easier to clean and maintain.

Alternative #3: Foam Boards

Another great alternative to wood cutting boards is foam boards. These are foam boards that have been laminated, and the laminated board itself is made from a rubber foam material that will keep your wood cutting boards clean and dry when you take them out for use. A famous example and brand of foam cutting board for food preparation are SIMONA HDPE Foam Cutting Board. It is lightweight, stain-resistant, durable (will allow you to cut down on your cleaning time). Foam cutting boards offer long term performance. They can withstand prolonged exposure to cleaning chemical agents, moisture, and rigorous usage. Besides, some form cutting board such as that made by SIMONA is temperature resistant (both cold and hot temperatures). It won’t splinter, delaminate or rot, which could happen to wood cutting boards.

You can find foam boards that come in a variety of sizes. You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of colors to match your kitchen needs and decor.

Alternatives to wood cutting board # 4: Metal (stainless steel) boards

Other great alternatives to wood cutting boards are stainless-steel cutting boards. If you are looking for a cheaper option, try metal cutting boards. You can find many different brands of metal boards on the web, and they are not only a low-cost alternative to wood cutting boards, but they are also a very durable choice. The metal chopping board offer a smooth cutting surface and good texture. Metal boards are easier to clean and less prone to molds, bacterial and breakage as compared to traditional boards.

Options #5: Improvising

Yes, improvising can also be done when it comes to food preparation. There are many innovative improvisations for cutting boards. one of my favorite pass times is reading about these improvisations on the different forums on the internet. for example; on one board, a user named likekinds improvised a cutting board from a  Corelle dinner plate and serving platter and used it for small items. The plate is made of Vitrelle, which is a tough, lightweight, and chip resistant glass, consisting of three-layer laminate.

He discovered that his improvision worked beautifully as an alternative to a wood cutting board. The advantage of Corelle is that it is non-porous and can be sterilized easily if needed. He notes that the only drawback to using Corelle as a cutting board is that it tends to dull knives quicker than a wooden or plastic board. The solution is to use less pressure when cutting so that you do not dull your blade. Also, mind about the safety

“Corelle® Livingware™ ” by goblinbox is licensed under CC 2.0

  • Another improvised alternative can be to use a small china plate as a cutting board. Its glaze is also basically fired on glass. This is a good option if you have only small stuff like onions or tomatoes to chop or slice, and nothing bigger to necessitate a giant cutting board that you have to clean up later.
wood cutting board alternative
“China plate.” by Abitha_Arabella

What can I use instead of a cutting board?

Besides the alternatives and improvisations above, there are other things you can use instead of a cutting board. When preparing your food for example;

  1. A Coffee can Lid: If you one to cut a small food item, such as an apple, you can use a coffee Can Lid as your cutting board. Just make sure they are not rusted.
what to use instead of a cutting board
“reusable canning lids” by espring4224

  1. A plastic lid: Before you recycle it, the plastic cover of your lunch box can serve as a cutting surface for your carried food as well as in the kitchen.
use plastic cover instead of a cutting board
Plastic lunch box cover can be used instead of a cutting board. Image by Leechieglawou under CC 2.0


Wooden cutting boards have their place, and there are a number of great products on the market. Products that will give you all the benefits and meet all your chopping needs. Wood is a natural product, which means that it is not made out of plastic or foam. Wood boards last a long time if properly cared for. However, you do not only have to rely on a wooden cutting board to slice and chop your food items. Neither do you need to have a real cutting board for food preparation? There are many alternatives you could opt for instead of a cutting board. You have to be creative—no more worry of about what to use instead of a cutting board. I hope this article has been an eye-opener on the possibilities you have at your disposal.

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5 Best Alternatives to Wood Cutting Boards - What to use instead
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5 Best Alternatives to Wood Cutting Boards - What to use instead
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