How to Straighten Hair Using a Flat Iron

straighten hair using a flat iron

Never an easy task to straighten your hair using a flat iron for the first time. Be it in the saloon or you are doing it by yourself. However, with a sneak through and mastering the steps when given enough time the task is never going to be hard forever. When straightening your hair is done wrongly, your hair, scalp or fingers can easily get burnt. With correct preparations to start your straightening process, a sleek magic look will result.

By the end of this article, we shall be able to have the perfect sleek look be it a first time task at home or in the saloon or it has been your routine.

Steps to Straightening Your Hair Using a Flat Iron 

STEP 1 : Prepare Your Hair

First and foremost is to have your hair cleaned up: Hair straightening is pretty easy and good on clean hair and scalp. Pick up your favorite shampoo and apply it to your hair to have it cleaned up to the scalp position.

Secondly, dry your hair very well: This can be with a blow dryer or a towel until when damp. However, it is recommended to use a blow dryer as it leaves the hair not only dry but also somewhat straight. On using the blow dryer you should not forget about applying a heat repellant. This helps to protect your hair from the heat.

Comb your hair: With your favorite hair comb or brush, run it through your hair to remove any remains (tangles) that may hold your hair. In short terms you are detangling your hair with the right hair brush. Attachments in your hair break down your hair. Starting to straighten your hair without combing it can easily lead to hair breakage.

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Use a blow dryer again: It is a good idea to post blow dry your hair after combing it. Someone might wonder why I am blowing drying again. But this helps to completely dry your hair up to the scalp. On top of drying it allows an even distribution on your heat repellant through your hair. In case your hair is prone to frizz; it is good to apply an anti-frizz serum as to protect your hair from any possible frizz. Lastly have your hair completely dried out now even with the wetness that comes from the applied anti-frizz.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Flat Iron 

Heat up your flat iron: Having completely dried up your hair, prepare your flat iron by heating it up to obtain a certain temperature. Then select out the right temperature setting according to your hair type. Is it thin, medium or course hair? Choose low, medium and high temperatures respectively. You should always keep in mind that abnormal temperatures to your hair are very dangerous so always adjust accordingly.

Section your hair: While still warming your flat iron, grab your hair clips you normally use to section your hair into small regions. Outmost this helps you to know whether you have sectioned the all hair. And when big sections are selected, not all the hair will receive the heat well. More so, it will be hard for you to run your flat iron through the all hair.

Step 3: Start Ironing or Straightening Your Hair

Start flat ironing: On sectioning your hair, have your flat iron ready to start. Hold one section, and starting from the root of your hair run your flat iron as you are holding the hair firmly. It is good to hold your flat iron in every area for about a minute as you proceed to the tip of your hair. This will help to let the heat fully distribute well to every point where the flat iron is put.

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When done with one section, go ahead to have the next section until when the all head is finished. If your hair is looking sleek enough it is okay to finish or run though the sections once again.

Apply a finishing product: On finishing the all sections of the hair, apply your finishing products be it a spray or a serum to have your straight hair looking shinny and sleek enough.

Wrap up your hair: Don’t ruin your sleek look at night; have your hair wrapped up with a sleek cloth. It keeps your hair in one position hence not losing your attained sleek look.

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How to Straighten Hair Using a Flat Iron
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How to Straighten Hair Using a Flat Iron
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