How to Flat Iron Natural Black Hair – [WITH NO DAMAGE]

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Those with natural black hair can attest to one thing: They all love the versatility of their hair type. Who doesn’t like a good change-up? Who doesn’t want to avoid a trip to the salon while still getting salon-quality results? Well, in this article, we share with you steps you should follow to flat iron natural black hair to get that shiny salon-perfect hairstyle, even from the comfort of your home using your best flat Iron. These steps and tips will work even for those difficult to straighten hair. And they ensure minimal or no damage to your beautiful natural black hair.

Steps to flat iron natural black hair

Step 1: Get your black hair clean using a shampoo

Flat ironing is best done with well-protected hair that is clean and moisturized. Use a clarifying shampoo for your oily hair such as Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to get rid of the dirt, dandruff, and any shampoo from the hair. After cleaning the hair, have it moisturized when still damp and let the cream stay for some minutes approximately 30. Rinse out the moisturizer with hot water to let out any residue.

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Step 2: Blow dry

Use your best hair dryer, you can now start drying your hair. The best way to do this is to section your hair into smaller parts, attach a wide-tooth comb onto the blow dryer and pass it into your hair. After some time, attach a concentrator nozzle to allow hair to get to the scalp of your head even when it is a sensitive scalp. Hold your hair taut at the ends and blow-dry in a down motion for proper drying.

Step 3: Flat iron the black hair 

It is time to flat iron your hair. You must keep in mind the type of flat iron you are using for your black hair, is it for the weaker or thicker hair? This will help to prevent heat damage to your fragile hair.


Usually thicker and hard hair need a high heat flat iron (Titanium flat iron) and the weaker one requires one with less heat (Ceramic flat iron). Always find the best temperature settings as you shouldn’t heat it higher than 450 degrees as you aren’t baking cookies.

Find the happy medium. Natural black hair wants a shiny and sleek look after your flat ironing. You can achieve this effect by applying a serum  to your section and then flat iron.

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Step 4: Add shine to your hair

Add a shine to your hair for a clever look, this is done by adding up a serum to your hair after ironing in case you did not add it during ironing. To prevent dryness, apply a small amount of the serum to your hair while focusing on the ends and not the roots. A serum that fights frizz and prevents humidity is a good choice.

Step 5: Maintaining 

To keep your hair looking great, wrap it around your head with your brush. This will prevent your hair from going back to its natural state during sleep. You can often break your sweat while you sleep. This is a problem for newly straightened hair. To prevent frizz and keep your locks in place, wrap them with a silk scarf or satin scarf.

Frequently asked questions about straightening natural black hair

What should we apply to the natural hair before straightening it at home?

Like we have stated this in our guide before, using serums on your hair would be a good idea to protect your hair from too much heat and prevent freeze and give your hair a smooth sleek look.

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Which temperature should I set for my black hair to flat iron?

The temperature will be determined by the hair type, hair section and size of your hair. The highest temperature setting can reach 450F and the lowest at 130F. Naturally thicker black hair can handle the highest temperature while the light hair will go for lower heat settings.

The hair can be damaged when high heat is exposed to it for more than 5 minutes but with low temperatures you can run for more than the 5 minutes. Set the heating to as low as you can and then turn it up until you are comfortable.

Do I need to use hair protection spray before straightening my hair?

Yes, this is because you need to always protect your hair from any heat damage exposed to it. you do. ((CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray)

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What is the best flat iron for natural black hair?

Usually, the best flat iron will depend on your hair type and length. We have written and published a review about the best flat iron for black hair, so look out for it.

Will flat-ironing damage my hair?

Whenever heat is applied to hair during blow-drying, and flat ironing, your hair is prone to heat damage. Always apply a heat protector to your hair during flat ironing and reduce the temperature according to the hair type followed with less time of exposure.

Will my hair become flat and lose its volume?

While we will do our best to keep the design as natural as possible, it could differ depending on how strong your curls are, the type of hair and the choice of design


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Concluding remarks

Flat ironing your hair should be a stress-free action so as to get the best smooth silky look by a small serum. While flat ironing, keep in mind that your hair is prone to heat damage.

When changing from curly to straight hair, usually go for ceramic plates for better results. However also your hair type matters a lot, as for the coarse hair, a titanium flat iron will be better and for the soft hair ceramic plates are ever better.

Ionic technology flat irons add shine and strength to your hair while minimizing damage. You will need to have adjustable heat settings so that you can style your hair at a lower temperature without frying it.

If your flat iron is difficult to use, you should replace it. It’s also important to make sure your hair is straightened evenly. This will prevent you from having to do over the areas that aren’t necessary, exposing your hair to unnecessary damage.

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How to Flat Iron Natural Black Hair – [WITH NO DAMAGE]
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How to Flat Iron Natural Black Hair – [WITH NO DAMAGE]
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