Hair Elasticity – How To Make Hair More Elastic Or Re-stablish Elasticity

Elasticity refers to the capacity of your hair to stretch without losing its original shape; it’s a metric for the health of your hair and the protein/moisture balance.

Hair with a high degree of elasticity is easy to style and adds shine and bounce.

What exactly is hair elasticity, and why is it so crucial?   

The suppleness of your hair impacts its overall strength. Consider an elastic band and it will return to its normal shape if you stretch it a lot and then let go.

Your hair  elasticity refers to how far it can stretch without losing its natural shape.

What is the importance of elasticity?

Knowing your hair elasticity or how far your hair can stretch or not extend without breaking will help you identify the products, procedures, and routines you need to maintain or improve your hair elasticity.

These are the general elasticity levels:

High Elasticity.   Your hair stretches but does not immediately bounce back. This could indicate that your hair has too much moisture and not enough protein.

Normal Elasticity.  Your hair stretches and immediately bounces again. This is healthy hair that is well balanced in terms of moisture and protein.

Low Elasticity. Instead of rebounding back, your hair strains and then breaks. This could indicate that your hair has too much protein and not enough moisture.

How to determine hair elasticity

You may simply test your hair’s elasticity at home or in the salon with your preferred professional.

At home

Hold a strand of wet hair at the mid length or at the roots, Stretch the strand gently. Hair elasticity is low if it does not fall back into shape or if it breaks.

 In the hair salon

You can get an assessment done at the salon if you’d prefer have an expert’s advice.

Without doing a test, a competent hairstylist will measure your hair’s elasticity

Hair elasticity is good if these symptoms are present:

Smooth, non-breakable texture with a bouncy bounce

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Hair shines when the cuticle is smooth, light bounces off the hair, and the reflected light gives your hair its sheen. That sheen suggests flexibility in the hair

Your hair texture will also be assessed by a stylist. If your hair feels little scratchy to the touch, it needs moisture

Hair with moisture, on the other hand, has a slick, velvety texture.

 How to treat brittle hair and re-establish its elasticity

If you’ve discovered that your hair lacks elasticity following testing, the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to improve it.

Getting moisture into the hair’s core and holding it there with a tight cuticle is the key to restoring elasticity.

It’s always a good idea to use a conditioner after shampooing.

For style, use a leave-in conditioner.

Keep the use of heated styling tools to a bare minimum.

Use a deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair moisturized and protect it from damage.

In between washes, spritz your hair with a leave-in conditioner spray.

How to Make Your Hair More Elastic

There are techniques to mend and restore your hair’s elasticity, regardless of its current state of elasticity.  Take a look at the suggestions we’ve compiled for you.

When you wash your hair, put olive oil in.

This extra virgin olive oil is good for more than just cooking your food. It’s also good for your hair!

Olive oil has fatty acids that get into your hair cortex up to 25% of the way, which makes your hair stronger and more elastic.

Oiling your hair with it before you shampoo isn’t the only way you can use it. You can also mix it into your deep conditioner.

After using it for a long time, your hair will become more flexible.

Treatment of proteins

Protein treatments are an excellent alternative for restoring your hair’s elasticity, hydrating your tresses, and strengthening your hair from the inside out.

For significant outcomes, seek protein treatment approximately once or twice a month.

Protein treatments are classified according to the suppleness of your hair.

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Honey is a good option.

Honey is a humectant by nature. That is to say, it has the power to draw moisture from the air and absorb it into your skin and hair.

Honey also has antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics that will keep your scalp healthy, as well as properties that will keep your hair follicles healthy and antioxidants that will lower the risk of hair damage.

Your hair should be deep conditioned.

When your hair is brittle and lacks elasticity, it is a sign that it is dehydrated; As a result, you must properly hydrate your hair in order to resolve this issue.

Apply a conditioner to your hair after each wash.

Allow your hair to absorb the moisture it requires and watch as its suppleness increases.

Use jojoba oil to massage your skin.

Treat your hair to some jojoba oil every now and again. It balances the amount of sebum produced by your scalp and hair, encourages hair growth, and is highly conditioning oil.

The best part is that it’s a type of oil that makes your hair silky without making it feel greasy.

Excessive use of styling tools should be avoided.

These styling equipment all use heat, whether it’s a drier, or a straightener flat iron for hair. The heat from this equipment depletes your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and vulnerable to damage.

Limit your use of styling tools to avoid this. Your hair will automatically appear good if it is healthy.

Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb.

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Brushing your hair causes friction, which can make it fragile.

Instead of utilizing a fine tooth comb or brush, try using a wide toothed comb for your hair.

Using a wide toothed comb to comb through your hair can help to evenly distribute the oil on your head, giving it the nourishment it requires.

It’s also kinder on the hair, so put your fine tooth comb and hairbrush away for the time being.



Drinking lots of water is a good way.

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Make your own infused water to feed your hair follicles with nutrients.

Your hair’s suppleness, as well as the rest of your system, will appreciate you much.

Improve your eating habits.

What we eat makes us who we are; as a result, if you want your skin and hair to remain healthy, you must provide your body with the proper nutrition.

Not only will eating the appropriate nutrients enhance the suppleness of your hair, but it will also strengthen it.

To nourish your hair, include high protein foods like eggs and beef in your diet.

Include omega 3 fatty acid rich foods like salmon and almonds in your diet to help your hair thrive.

To Sum Up

Hair elasticity refers to the extent to which your hair may be stretched before returning to its natural state.

It is determined by the hydrogen bonds, cystine bonds, and diameter of your hair and is responsible for the production of curls, bounce, and body in your hair.

Brushing and conditioning your hair will help retain its flexibility. Apply a hair mask, deep conditioner, or reconstructor as needed to restore your hair’s elasticity.

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