11 Best Conditioner for Curly Hair 2022– [Hydrate, Detangle, Protect, And Define Curls]

best conditioner for curly hair

The optimal health of your curls needs a conditioner to keep them moist and easy to comb out. Here we review the top best conditioner for curly hair. Having curly hair means you need more moisture than your counterparts with straight hair. This is because curly hair is a lot more porous compared to straight hair as it allows in more moisture, but this moisture is let out at the same rate.

A mere washing using hair shampoo for oily or curly hair will not be enough to give your hair sufficient moisture. Hence, the addition of your preferred conditioner for your curls will suffice as a very good idea. In addition, the conditioner seals the cuticles and holds up enough moisture for your hair. indeed all you need is a conditioner that tames frizz, breakage, dullness, and less absorption of sebum from the scalp.

This conditioner should at least contain ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and avocado oil to smoothen the hair cuticle and lock in moisture easing the detangling process. However, finding the right conditioner to work for your curly hair mostly before using the flat iron or hairdryer is not a walk through the park. It can be truly a daunting task. In fact, this list will help you choose the best conditioner for curly hair. Conditioners that will match well with your hair texture, be it normal, damaged, colour-treated curly hair, etcetera.

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Here are our Top Picks of the best conditioner for curly hair

#1 Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl-Defining Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl-Defining Anti-Frizz curly hair Conditioner [amazon fields=”B01MSHRR93″ value=”button”]

According to our research, Maui is outright the best conditioner for curly hair. It is not only a conditioner for your curly hair, but Maui Moisture is also a defrizz and defines your curls as well. Ingredients in the Maui hair conditioner namely coconut oil, creamy papaya butter, and plumeria extract smooth and hydrate the curls in your hair.  While defrizzing them, hence giving you a queen or king the look.

In case you have tight curls, frizzed curls, the moisture make-up is full of ingredients to match your hair type well. More so, the hair conditioner is safe for any coloured-treated hair as it helps to detangle, protect, and define your hair’s natural curl pattern.

Clearly, on the safety side, the moisture is free from all the silicones, parabens and mineral oil with no synthetic dyes making it a fully vegan hair conditioner.

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#2 Best for thick hair: Shea Moisture Curl and ShineConditioner 

Thick, Curly Hair

SheaMoisture conditioner   [amazon fields=”B00EUMC62O” value=”button”]

The Coconut & Hibiscus scent from Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Conditioner is a good attraction for use. However, the scent is not the only positive to be considered, but also its moisturizing ability. No wonder it is a Shea Moisture conditioner as it restores and smoothens dry hair cuticles, thus helping to bring them back to normal.

In addition, on application, the conditioner softens and detangles your dry hair making sure no knots, snarls are left behind after the washout. This, hence, makes it easy for you to style your curly hair. Furthermore, the curls and coils of your thick hair are well infused with too much moisture making the dry hair benefit more, bringing back the lost curls to a healthy look. It works great for thick as well as curled hair.

So, it is among the best conditioner for curly hair. With no doubt, your curls will bounce back looking pleasant.  Just like #1 on our list, shea moisture conditioner does not contain silicone, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or petrol.

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#3 Moroccan argan oil best conditioner for curly hair:

best for dry hair

Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner   [amazon fields=”B075CXMXFY” value=”button”]

Moroccan argan oil conditioner is a UV and Thermal Protectant with Vitamins and Antioxidants. These are vital in nourishing and repairing hair that may be damaged by your blow-dryer or flat iron and chemicals you used to treat hair.

Furthermore, it is also referred to as a Deep Moisture Repair Conditioner as it moisturizes dry hair giving it a beautiful, soft and manageable structure, hence producing incredible smooth shine. More so, the Moroccan argan oil conditioner removes frizz from your hair, softens and aids curl definition which could have once been lost.

The Vitamin E in the oil formula penetrates through the cuticle of your hair, giving you stronger, thicker shiny hair. This conditioner also contains no Sulphates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, or gluten which can cause an itchy scalp or breakage of hair. The conditioner is also ideal for all types of hair.

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#4 Bumble and Bumble Bb Curl Care Conditioner:

Best for damaged curly hair

Bumble and Bumble Bb Curl Care conditioner for curly hair [amazon fields=”B01A4EEZ02″ value=”button”]

Arguably one of the best conditioners for curly hair you will find!!! With Curly hair, the Bumble and Bumble Bb Curl Care Conditioner should never miss on your list when shopping conditioners for your curly hair. As well as that, it greatly moisturizes your hair strands and enhances its body, giving it a proper and shiny smooth look.

Have you damaged your hair from too much blow dryer heat? worry less as Bumble and Bumble conditioner will greatly repair and transform it. In conclusion, you can choose to leave in, wash out or co-wash the conditioner hence highly liked for its versatility.

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#5 OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curl-Defining Conditioner

Best for Volume lift up

OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curl-Defining curly hair Conditioner [amazon fields=”B0128QFSPK” value=”button”]

OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curl-Defining Conditioner is to volume up your thin hair giving the thin strands a thickening boost. Basically, better for thin to medium hair to thicken it by detangling it hence giving it a healthy look.

In addition, the plump-it-up formula contains Vitamin B7 (Biotin) which is ideal for strengthening your hair, hence maintaining proper growth. Also, contains collagen, and hydrolysed wheat protein both of which are building blocks for your healthy hair.

Lock and style your curls with this plump-it-up conditioner and at the end have that refreshing bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla scent for all day.

[amazon fields=”B0128QFSPK” value=”button”]

#6 The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler

Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler   [amazon fields=”B015HTJDDS” value=”button”]

If it is anything like detangling your curly hair, Honest Conditioning Detangler is the best at this. Honest conditioners contain argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract which are ingredients for softening and nourishing curled hair.

Thus, with the contents within honest, you can use it for any hair type and on anybody, be it young or old. Forget about the fly away and knots in your hair. Lastly, use this best conditioner for curly hair to give your hair a clean look with easy styling.

[amazon box=”B015HTJDDS”]


#7 Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Paraben Free Conditioner 

For strengthening hair

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Paraben Free Conditioner for Curly Hair [amazon fields=”B07YFDXF5V” value=”button”]

A brand with Castor Oil, Black Seed Oil but Ginger – Sulphate Free and Paraben Free. Carol’s daughter Goddess strength conditioner is one of the best conditioners you can use on your curly hair. Importantly, it nourishes, strengthens, and moisturizes your curls, defining them in the process.

In case your hair is already damaged, Carol’s Daughter Goddess gives them strength makes them less prone to breakage and healthy-looking.  Similarly, a stronger hair strand is very easy to detangle and making it manageable when styling it. Additionally, conditioner best works when applied on wet hair and pass the fingers up to the scalp, leave it for 5 to 7 minutes and then rinse the hair.

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#8 Camille Rose Naturals Jansyns Moisture Max Conditioner

best for Type 4C Curl Pattern

Camille Rose Naturals Jansyns Moisture Max Conditioner [amazon fields=”B006FJQAC2″ value=”button”]

First and foremost, Camille Rose Naturals Jansyns Moisture Max Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner for curly hair. Comes in 8 Fluid Ounces and is formulated to be used for all types of hair.

However, the best results are with those with Type 4C Curl Pattern. Greatly moisturizes dry hair strengthens it and gives it extra volume.

Also, it does not stop on volume, but also adds on the ability to fight frizz, hence giving you an easy detangle. For those with coarse hair, the hair will greatly be softened by this conditioner.

[amazon box=”B006FJQAC2″]

#9 Miele Organics  Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner

Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner [amazon fields=”B07GZYSC81″ value=”button”]

A babassu oil and citrus extracts made formula of Miele Organics conditioner deeply moisturises your hair and gives it a silky feel for a superior slip to ease detangling.

More so, during styling, it is a walkover, as all the dry and knotted strands are separated by the conditioner.  Best formulated for curly Type 4 Textured Hair, but also okay for any curled hair.

[amazon box=”B07GZYSC81″]

#10 Marc Anthony Grow Leave-in Deep Conditioner for curly hair

[amazon fields=”B076FHJ3K5″ value=”button”]

It is a strengthening leave-in conditioner that contains a formula that nourishes each strand of your hair to rapidly promote growth and strength, hence increasing its length. The leave-in conditioner can hydrate dry hair by deeply moisturizing it, nourishing, protecting, and strengthening it.

Hence giving your hair a healthy look. Additionally, the brand gives your curly hair a frizz-free look, while thickening it for high volume and hold.

Marc Anthony Leave-in Deep Conditioner formula comprises ingredients such as Caffeine, Ginseng and Vitamin E which promotes the growth and strength of your curly hair.

 [amazon fields=”B076FHJ3K5″ value=”button”]

#11 Aussie Deep Conditioner

Aussie Deep Conditioner for curly hair [amazon fields=”B07NR2B9HS” value=”button”]

Aussie deep conditioner is a make of avocado and Australian botanicals which moisturises your dry hair three times. Dry hair is always hard to manage like in styling due to the pain it poses to the scalp.

However, with Aussie Deep Conditioner for curly hair, your hair is moisturized and then softened, making it easy to style. Forget about the frizz when you use this deep conditioner on your hair.

[amazon fields=”B07NR2B9HS” value=”button”]

Frequently asked questions about conditioning curly hair

Is conditioning curly hair bad?

One thing that should be known by those with curly hair, a conditioner should be your better half. Without conditioning your hair, you are damaging it as it is usually too dry and styling it when dry, the hair breaks and with too much frizz. With a conditioner, the hair is moisturized, smoothened, nourished and then easy to style.

Do I need to apply a lot of conditioners to my curly hair?

The amount of conditioner needed for your curly hair depends on the type of curls. Also depends on the extent of damage to your curly hair – in case it is. Usually, tighter curls, require more product. While loose wavier curls need much less product. The curlier the hair, the longer it takes for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends, then more product is needed. In loose curls, you need to use a little conditioner.

Is it okay to use my conditioner for curly hair every day?

Yes, that is if you wash your hair every day with shampoo for your frizzy hair. I believe this does not have any problem with your curls. However, it also depends on the conditioner you use, as some brands make and keep your hair moisturized for a greater time compared to others. All the products of our best conditioner for curly hair list above are safe to use on your hair every day.

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Do I need to wash out my conditioner after applying it?

It can be a yes and a no. In case it is a deep conditioner, then yes you must rinse out the conditioner. For a leave-in conditioner, you should never wash it out. A deep conditioner is applied after washing out the shampoo then deep condition and wash out. Then apply your leave-in conditioner and style your hair.

What does conditioning do to my curly hair?

Curly hair is highly known for its porosity, meaning it lets out a lot of moisture, letting the hair remain dry. When you condition your hair, you seal off your hair cuticles such that you keep moisture in your hair. Some conditioners reduce the breakage of your curly hair.

How to apply a hair conditioner to my hair?

To apply conditioner to your hair, follow these steps

  1. Wet your hair under the shower or saloon.
  2. Wash your hair thoroughly well with your favourite shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo.
  3. Spread the conditioner evenly all over your hair but not touch your scalp.
  4. You can use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb and run it through the hair such that every strand gets reached.
  5. Lastly, leave your conditioner for about 5mins and then Rinse out to apply the leave-in conditioner.

Does conditioning curly hair tame frizzy hair?

Yes. The conditioner you use adds protein, softness and hydration into your hair cuticle and help seal your cuticle not to let out the moisture so easily. Usually, the curly hair lets out a lot of moisture which makes it dry, hence becoming too frizzy. With the help of the best curly hair conditioner, this problem is solved.

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Final Verdict

In this article, we have presented a list of the best conditioners for curly hair. A deep conditioner for curly hair is highly needed in case you must soften and nourish your hair. When your curly hair is dry, the deep conditioner moisturizes and seals the cuticles. So, the moisture is retained for some good time. Furthermore, after washing your hair with a shampoo, then the next thing should be a deep conditioner to soften your hair for easy styling. Lastly, we believe that the listed deep conditioners will do a great job in case one of them is chosen.

11 Best Conditioners for Curly Hair 2021– [Hydrate, Detangle, Protect, And Define Curls]
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