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Homecler.com is a collaboration by a team of members who are passionate about home gadgets, kitchen appliances, food and cooking, as well as fashion and lifestyle.

About the team at homecler.com


1. Oliver Namuwonge (MSC.Med.Phys.)

Oliver NamuwongeOliver, N. (MSC.Med.Phys.) is a co-founder and editor at homecler.com. She loves to write about home gadgets, food, fashion and lifestyle, as well as share her views (reviews) about the things she finds interesting. She is an academician and researcher who loves all things to do with medical physics and the physics behind the working of home appliances. Besides academics and managing this website, her other life passion includes helping the needy, reading non-fiction books, travelling and making friends. You can connect and keep up with Oliver at; Facebook;  Instagram;  LinkedIn, Twitter;  Pinterest.

2. Mary Janet, N.

about Mary JanetMary Janet is a food and fitness blogging enthusiast with over 11 years in the blogging space. She has started and managed over five websites in the 10-year space. She is also a parent of 3 (three) kids.

Why We Started Homecler

We started this website to share with the world our passion for home gadgets, kitchen appliances, food, fashion and lifestyle. We share this information for educational purposes only. The information we share our opinions and views of our authors who span the globe and therefore do not constitute any financial or medical consultation.

Final Word of Thanks

Thanks for visiting and acting on any content on our site. Please, if you find it helpful, we request you to share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram + etc. Your sharing may seem insignificant, but it means a lot to us. So, thank you in advance.

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